Wednesday, 15 June 2016

The EU Referendum why I am not a Nasty Chap

A Seagull in Scotland

I have decided to return to the rather spiky subject of the great EU referendum debate again, bearing in mind the hour grows closer and those of us with postal votes will be doing our bit very soon. You see some time ago here on the blog I explained why I plan to vote to leave, but sadly due to the rather bitter mudslinging match that continues and gets worse by the day it appears saying you plan to vote to leave now turns you into an evil bigoted and racist fool. I don’t really see myself as a  an evil bigoted and racist fool, well I hope I’m not.

One thing I am strongly in favour of is more immigration, Britain is a stronger and better country with people from other nations and I am all in favour of encouraging the talents of people from as many different cultures as possible. This I will accept is not the mainstream view of most of the leave supporters and campaigners who seem to fear the influx of thousands of undesirable immigrants stealing all our homes and jobs. This by the way is just not true they are in general nice folk, even the Polish woman who pushed right in front of me yesterday as I was getting a new key cut. This is certainly making the leave campaign look like the baddies. However being in the EU has not made us entirely immigration friendly. Just look at the hostility across Europe to the problems of the Syrian refugees. Many of these people are highly qualified professions who only want a chance to live in peace and provide a life for their families. Why can’t Britain do more to help them?

My main concern is still the huge bureaucratic machine of Europe which in my own humble opinion will at some point collapse like a pack of cards, but who can tell, I may be entirely wrong. I will still be voting to leave and I am still not sure if that is the right thing to do so I have a plan. You see in order to bring some harmony to a situation that is increasing bringing tension to ordinary folk across the country as each side shouts abuse at the other I am advising everyone to vote with a friend. Not just any friend but a friend with the opposite view so I will be voting with someone who is voting to stay in the EU. 

I think it is likely the stay vote will win; the fear of the unknown is a powerful force. But as a final thought just consider the latest football thing, the European Championships. A friendly competition between European countries where some fans get drunk and fight and kick each other so a bit like the EU. The fact is if we treated everyone equally with respect and dignity and helped our fellow man things like the EU would not be needed and football would be a much better game.  

As Shakespeare once said . . . . The fault Dear Brussels is not in your stars but in ourselves, that we feel underlings. . . . .  


  1. Well I have voted and I found someone who was unsure what to do so I explained that if they voted to stay we would cancel each other out, they liked this idea as we just dont know what is right. So today the leave gained one postal vote and the stay gained one postal vote. . . . . it seems that it means it could go either way, but the good news is I do not have to listen to a bunch of madmen saying silly things . . . .

    Ooooooooo can we have Marathon Bars and Opal fruits back now. . . . . go on, nice please, and smiles. . . actually what have they done to Starburst (opal fruits) lately they were my car sucky sweet of choice and they now taste a bit odd.

    1. Look this is cutting edge idol chat and does anyone read it. . . . No

    2. Sorry idle chat. I am getting a bit ahead of myself.

  2. The hate that makes a person shot and kill a Young MP who spoke and worked to make people understand the plight of Syrian refugees is incomprehensible. Jo Cox did what she believed in and made her mark as best she could and appears to have been a well respected and loved member of parliament. What has been done has happened and like in Orlando can not be undone.

    Why do such people hate so much

    I am pleased to hear that the EU referendum debating is being suspended it was getting more extreme by the day. Maybe folk will now ponder what is really important to them and be more respectful of each other, we are just one tiny planet in a huge universe. . . . We all have the same home.

  3. The not so little man says that voting to stay in, would be better for us economically. I however am more inclined to vote the opposite of our beloved government, because if they want it, then it's because it's more beneficial for them, rather than us.

    You would think that something like the recent tragedies, including what happened to Jo Cox, would unite mankind. Not so. The mud slinging is even worse. There are Facebook statuses saying 'don't let hate win.' Well it's definitely got it's foot in the door.

    RIP Jo Cox. :(

    1. The Lil man is a wise chap, but in the long term the whole European ideal must be questioned. I do wonder just how long that many different governments can hold the whole thing together. It can only get harder as the EU gets bigger and there are many cracks, some of which have been patched up until after the UK vote. The problem now is that if we vote to stay and the EU goes pear shaped Britain is sort of stuffed, stuck in it.

      I think the biggest error was the Conservatives saying they would have the vote in the first place. Which they did only because they were scared of losing votes to UKIP in the last election.

      Maybe a national vote is a good thing but I feel the timing is wrong there are dark days ahead in the EU.

      Us humans are getting worse as time passes, tolerance seems to be a thing of the past. folk are more aggressive in general, in shops in cars, on the streets and are reluctant to help their fellow man. . . . . And smiling at folk on the bus does not work.

      I am not a fan of MP's, but it seems Jo Cox was one of the good ones, if God has a master plan he has confused me. . . yet again