Sunday, 19 June 2016

Never trust Angels that drink red wine

Never trust Angels that drink red wine
And I’m sure we all think that listening
To some old blues is just fine
Never trust those who think the answers
Are all clearly black and white
And maybe the grass is greener
On the other side
And we all think a large brown box
May be a good place to hide
And I for one would rather see a big silver moon
Than a man flying in a large polka dot
Hot air balloon
And we all love a bit of magenta
Stirred into our pea green soup
And everyone has hidden in the garage
A vivid bright pink
My pen is black
My pencil grey
A bit like the weather

We had today

Sorry my poetry is struggling at present due to my declining mind. DAMN those minds they seem to just start wandering about At all the wrong times. 


  1. Or were you drinking red wine? I'd rather see a full moon as well. Hot-air balloons make me nervous.

    1. I never drink alcohol, even small amounts seem to give me headaches so I am much happier drinking orange juice or the like.

  2. My cyan was completely clogged when I got back from a two week nearly trip. It is slowly getting back to a usable state. The person in charge of maintenance got side tracked and forgot her duties, argh.

    1. I had to buy a new HP inkjet printer when I returned from Scotland as the cyan was the only colour that worked. I still do not know what is wrong with the old printer but I may have a look at some point. Although we have had it a few years now and used it a lot for our business when we had it, so it has earned its keep

    2. There are a variety of techniques for cleaning inkjet cartridges. I had mine somewhat back to acceptable, but then I tried one more thing with a known "good" method and it caused every cartridge (mine has 10) to mess up.

    3. When I was at college doing my PC maintenance stuff (about 2000-ish) I was told once a printer is over a year old if it goes wrong just get a new one. Fine but possibly expensive depending on the printer.

    4. Well, not if your printer costs $2000, and total ink refill is another $700, plus there is even a minor cost for an ink waste disposal cartridge for its cleaning cycles.

    5. It is those ink refills that can be a bit expensive. . . . .