Tuesday, 21 June 2016

A Pictorial Guide to the EU Referendum

The Sea represents Europe

The smoke represents the EU referendum debate

The Ship represents Great Britain

The Seagulls represent the voters

The iceberg represents the result


  1. Do you prefer to end them with the referendum?

    1. Sorry, I have been gone for a long time to South Dakota. It wound up being a bit of a work vacation, as I helped my cousin with two of his air conditioners.

    2. Tomorrow is the big day Mr ESB then things will remain the same or remain the same. Actually this vote has not gone well it seems to have split the country quite a lot. In the old days we would have a long politically technical discussion where the public would fall asleep. These days we appear to be (dare I say) a little more American about our politics so its a bit of an all out fight calling each other names and throwing stuff about.

      You cant escape from those air conditioners they are hiding and waiting for you to turn up. . . .

      is it a bird
      is it a plane
      its Super AirCon Man

    3. Then I had another system today that had a water leak due to plugged line in the condensation drain line.

      Well, it isn't even late yet and I am totally eXhausted. I haven't even ate supper yet, though I did have some french fries on the way home.

    4. I have just had a cup of tea and a French Fancy (a small well known cake) and feel bouncy again so will venture out into the sun to garden. It is a lovely day here today although I hear it may be wet down south near London.....

      Dont overdo it Mr ESB