Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Poetry for men who look at old Mechanical things

The great mechanical Marvel
With its dual time elapsed
Escapement movement
Turns slowly on its axis
Gears spinning driving its
Built in helical spring
And with its divergence inverted organ pipes
It can be taught to loudly sing
It truly is a wonder
As grown men drool
Over its polished Brass pipes
And not just old men in rain coats
But even younger well suited types
And they will look and point
And nod in a knowing way
A way that women don’t understand
Even in the more enlightened times
Of the modern day man
You see
The great mechanical Marvel
Is a product of the past
And modern ones are all plastic
And never ever last
As bits fall off
And the escape value sticks
And the all important
Trestle adjustment screw
Keeps moving
So you stick it in with glue
The great mechanical Marvel
Grow men looking at its polished Brass
Supping on an ice cold pint of beer
Will always reassure a chap
After being trapped in a large supermarket
With his wife
And a supermarket trolley
That will not



  1. THis evening i fixed a broken door.
    And PC Monitor too.
    I used a hammer, no nails and a bit of swearing,
    I didn't even use the glue!
    Now the door is fixed and locked up tight.
    The Pc works a charm.
    But the hammers broke and the glue got out.
    Now the keyboard is stuck to my arm!

    1. Very Good indeed Mr H. . . .or I could say . . . . Well you've got some Brassss HAHAHAha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha hah a ha ha ha.

      Keep up the good work that Steven Hawkwind (sorry Hawkins) will be proud of you

  2. Hey Mr. R.,

    Ah, such folly
    I think you're off your trolley
    Still, the wheels go one way
    What do you say
    Let the wheels go the other way
    Maybe, another day.

    I'm outta' here, have no fear,

    Gary, Gary, nary contrary...

    1. I am indeed like one of those dodgy supermarket trolleys that goes not go where you want it to. My family point me in the right direction but I head off in an entirely different direction and squeak a lot.

  3. Studying things mechanical has been my main source of entertainment & education lately. Currently I am watching Brian at bcbloc02 on YouTube, he is from the state of Kentucky.

    1. I will go and investigate Brian at some point Mr ESB when a gap appears in the day. I suspect you are a more hands on chap and not just a look and admire chap. I used to be more hands on but as time passes my hands are happier not being on. I suspect by the time I get to 152 years old my hands will refuse to be on anything even my arms.

    2. I may have finally reached the point in life where I talk gibberish and folk nod and smile and say. . . . would you like a cup of tea, my wife has just made me one.

    3. Soon you wiLL be able to have robotic hands that wiLL be more cooperative. AND you won't be limited to just two. Think what it would mean to have 8 pairs of robotic mind controlled hands, quite awesome. I won't get my CNC machine until most likely a little later in the summer, or I may go a different route and buy a milling machine to make the parts of the CNC machine framework and gantry etc.

    4. I cant control two hands all that well so eight might cause some issues.

      You are a wonder of many skills Mr ESB I can see you with a milling machine making wondrous things. . .