Thursday, 21 January 2016

How to become a Penniless Poet or a Professional Blogger

So as a rather ordinary middle class chap in a fairly ordinary house in an ordinary little village in the hills of Shropshire in Great Britain, you might be wondering exactly how I sort of decorate my humble abode. You see I do not have loads of money to do this but I am also keen to give the space the personal touch, as I’m sure we all are. I suspect the inside of houses is like snowflakes, no two are alike despite using the same basic building blocks to create it, which in mine and many others is good old IKEA. OK we do have a lot of stuff that is not IKEA but lets face it they have cornered the market in the world of convenient flat pack furniture.

Ok I know it does not look like it but at least a day has passed since the last paragraph so PHEW. Now you might be wondering why but just as I finished it a voice through the room said . . . . Do you fancy some food. . . . Well it went from there to fighting Zombies at the edge of the woods, they are not keen on the cold and were trying to invade our central heating system, and then after that I got distracted.

Anyway one thing I did do yesterday was resigned from my part time job doing IT, this is good and bad. The main bad thing is that I am now not earning any money, but not earning any money does have one rather useful advantage you see I can now say I am a penniless poet. Penniless poets have far more street cred than those who make loads of money; actually I don’t think any poets make loads of money which is why they are all penniless. To tell the truth it is a bit mad becoming a penniless poet because with a fairly high degree of certainty it is possible to predict a life of obscurity and no money.  Something of a contradiction to my middle class lifestyle in a small village in Shropshire.

This brings me back to our humble homes interior.  You see by making little things with cardboard and the like; and adding a few bits and pieces from charity shops, even a simple middle class penniless poet can maintain an illusion of grandeur. As well as telling interesting little stories among the IKEA shelving.

I appear to have created a rather rambling diary entry tonight, not sure how that happened and I will need to think up some more poetry soon as well as make arty things to maintain my new life as a penniless poet and artist.   I guess I could say I’m a Professional Blogger, folk seem to do that now and most of them that do blog less than I do. . .      


  1. Hello Rob


    What are you up to

    nothing just sort of keeping the folk up to date with life in a small place

    So you are boring them then

    No no They are interested, they are keen to learn how us Brits Blog

    I think they might be a little more keen on why a part-time genius IT Guru has given it all up and plans to chill and make a fake welsh chapel in the garden in the summer.

    Look that's a secret it might not happen yet and a chap can only do so much IT before they need to escape.

    But your a rubbish poet and nobody likes cardboard art. And you are rubbish at typing too

    Well one must keep at it
    pointy stick held high
    and giving it
    ones best try

    Well Said

  2. Welcome to my world lol
    Just remember, the world always needs someone to fight the zombies.

    1. As long as there are Zombies I will be out there with a pointy stick and a poem about seagulls or something similar.