Saturday, 14 November 2015

The Paris Attacks of 13th Nov 2015 . . . . A Personal View Point.

What kind of logic can justify the killing of so many people in Paris last night.  The So called Islamic State say it is revenge for what is being done in Syria but the logic behind that is foolish and distorted by hate and the few deranged minds that represent the IS leadership.  Just how they can say this is revenge for the war in Syria when they themselves are part of the reason the entire country is falling apart, is in my view madness. ISIS claim to be followers of the Quran but their cruelty hate and vengefulness are not the actions or responses of any true religion. If any religion is to have a long term future then tolerance of those you may not agree with must be one of its cornerstones. Once you say your God is a cruel God who wants you to kill and torture the non believers then that God is one of your own making to suit your own aims. If there is a God then I would like to hope that justice will finally be brought to those who brainwash suicide bombers into such barbaric actions as last night      

It probably is true that the actions of America, Britain and many other Western counties have not helped the situation in the Middle East and it is probably true that the turmoil left after the Iraq war left a window of opportunity for IS to establish itself. But once they started to kill and torture anyone and everyone who they see as non believers then the world was left with little choice but to intervene to try and save the lives of the innocent folk of the area. People need to remember one of the goals of ISIS is to establish a wall of hate between Muslin and Christian, they believe that in the chaos of a war of hate they will rise and take over the world.  I think their leaders have some crackpot idea similar to that of Pol Pot and we all know how well that worked out.

One of the great irony’s of this pointless act of hate is that it will probably force the counties of the West involved in Syria to carry on as they are. . .  I think it is also worth remembering that only a short time ago a Russian plane was blown up with over two hundred innocent Russians on board. And many many hundreds of thousands of ordinary Syrians have died or are now refuges as a result of the complex conflict in Syria and Iraq. I don’t know what the answer is, but I do know one thing ISIS do not represent the word of God in any shape or form.  The greatest thing we can do to stop ISIS is for folk of all nationalities, religions and faith to stand as one and help each other to make a better world. 

Yes I know as if that is going to happen any time soon.


  1. There are too many people with tiny minds with violence as an agenda who can only see their skewed view of reality as 'true', a very dark untrue that is incompatible with the vast majority of the human experience.

    1. It is hard to understand why some people do certain things. Humans throughout history seem to find ways to justify killing and destroying the lives of those who are entirely innocent. Maybe they are trying to justify it to themselves rather than the rest of us or they they would just be the murderers who hate the world, that the rest of us see them being.

    2. I think their driving force is terror through guerrilla warfare and wiping out all other cultures different than them. They behead people for trivial reasons and destroy artifacts of ancient cultures.

    3. I suspect they are so extreme that the rest of the world will not allow them to exist as a force long term, but there will always be some other group with extremist views to take their place in the future.

  2. I read a very long article last night about ISIS.
    It was very well written and gave a lot of insight into who they are and what they actually believe.

    In a nutshell, it all boils down to fact these terrorists have taken a small part of their holy book to suit their needs.

    mainly, that they wish to bring about the end of the world.
    They do not want money, power or land.
    They have no interest in negotiating, speaking or changing the world of Islam for the better.

    They literally want to annihilate mankind.

    They make all other cults and fanatical religious groups look like a girl scout meeting.

    These are very dangerous times Rob and I fear that not even the combined influence of the RaTs will be enough to stop them.

    I am however stock piling a number of 11 in 1 pointy sticks (patent pending) in case of an invasion.

    1. Ooooh, 11 in 1's, how cleaver.

    2. Hello Mr H I have heard this of ISIS IS ISIL or whatever they are called and I know that they are expecting the second great battle of Islam to end all Battles. . . . OOoooooo it's like that Nostradamus all over again he was keen on the Battle to End all Battles being the end of the world too. The thing is IS ISIS ISIL are not really all that good at mass destruction in reality when compared with even the simple forces of nature. Killing innocent folk with machine guns and then blowing yourself up is terrible for those it happens to, but they could do much worse things than that if they were not so keen on what is in reality revenge as they see it. They are in reality more interested in the shock spectacle of their acts rather than any real effectiveness of the act in disrupting the way of life in western society.

      One small point to consider is that when they blow themselves up or die they all arrive in their own heaven full of only other Terrorist Extremists. The rest of us all go to the other heaven full of folk singing and doing terrible acts of enjoyment such as pointing at clouds and saying they look like a chicken leaping over a loaf of bread and laughing.

      The folk of ISIS have rather a bleak heaven to go too. . . I prefer mine, it is full of awesome things

      Hello Mr ESB indeed the 11 in 1 pointy stick is very cleaver. . . . .

    3. I'm sure I could have put that all a lot more eloquently but I have been busy today doing things

    4. You did a good job in the eloquentnessly department. Sorry I have been away terribly busy too much, so I am taking a bit of a break this morning reading you. Well, not you, particularly, I didn't plan to sneak over to the K of U to try to read any messages that might be penciled or stenciled or tattooed on you, but to read your blog. That would be a rather cumbersome slow painful limited way to write a blog, to first tattoo the information onto live skin, then photograph it, then publish the pictures.

    5. Hello Mr ESB I am answering your comments I nearly missed them. The whole ISIL thing is very complex

      I am not a person of a tattooed nature I prefer my words and drawings on paper rather than me. I do not stick bits of paper onto myself in order to pretend to be tattooed as folk would think I'm a bit mad.