Friday, 27 November 2015

Global Warming, Chaos theory and the Mask from Spectre

The World is a strange and complex place as we all know with its many conflicts that lead to fighting wars and death. And every now and again I will stick my pointy stick into the debate and make a few comments. Of course these comments do not make a difference, well none that are perceivably visible to the masses. Although as I have said many times one of the more interesting aspects of Chaos theory, (which as we all know is the butterfly in the Welsh valleys that flaps its wings, which in turn leads to a terrible storm in Antarctica.) is that my small blog might just lead to world peace. . . . . . Yes OK that is mad but the point is everything is interlinked in such a way that I could say that it is just possible that my actions could in the end effect your actions.  

The reason I mention this tonight is because I was a little amused to read that the vast majority of people today are less worried by climate change than they were in 2009. OK that sort of thing happens but apparently one of the reasons is to do with the world economics. It appears that folk are concerned that spending huge sums of money on reducing green house gasses could make the world economy even slower and we will all be worse off.

Well this might be true, but it is also true that at some point global warming regardless of the cause will make the planet more and more difficult to live as we do. It seems that most folk would rather have a good time now and not worry too much about the long term future. It is not a surprise as it is this logic that make folk take out huge loans with terrible interest rates in order to have the good times now. And its not just individuals entire countries will overspend in order to maintain a lifestyle we all think we deserve.  And despite Mr Osborne our Chancellor of the Exchequer saying he is trying to balance the books, it was his lot that messed things up in the eighties and set the present mindset in the minds of the masses.  

So you see what the future holds according to Science is extremes of weather, which here in the UK will mean droughts followed by flooding and terrible storms and no one will have and money just a posh phone and a big television.  But it will mean they will be able to watch the extreme weather on their TV and then tweet about it.

I’m sure I had something important to mention but I can’t remember what it was now DAMN. I really need a new brain.

OOOOoooo I started working on that mask I said I would make. It is apparently the skull mask from that spectre film with James Bond . . . It is a bit trickier than it appears to be. Well it is when you have a budget of 53p to make it; I suspect the budget for the original one was rather more. . . .But I like a bit of a challenge. It is a cunning design to get right but I have it sussed now

I must do a bit of Christmas shopping too as well as make a few Christmas things. . . Busy busy busy.          


  1. I do not know much about Spectre yet. This is one of those days I don't believe in global warming because I am trapped at my house because of thick sheets of ice on my streets. Of course if I had more Coopers and a Cooper sled then I would be able to travel through the wouldn'ts and couldn'ts and can'ts and don'ts places. I guess I am also tired of listening to tens of hours of NCIS that plays death and intrigue from the large rectangular box in the livingroom. I am hoping for a little warming soon.... at least I have some ear plugs I can put in to somewhat stop the NCIS NOISe .hahaha, that was a beautiful visual: NCIS NOISe letter matching....

    1. You are a one for liking your words to have a pleasant symmetry. I can never spot thee things even when I do them.

      Oooooo I remembered what I was meant to say (write) yesterday. . . This Post is the 1500 -th one of my blog. I may need to mention it again in the next couple of days.

      I hope all that ice goes soon, we are just grey and wet and almost at freezing point, but not quite . . . so a bit YUCK.