Sunday, 1 November 2015

Eyeballs, Headaches, Halloween, Harry Potter, Andy Warhol and House Signs

Well all is quiet here and misty, very misty which tends to make it even quieter. We did not get any Halloween visitors last night but I think our long drive with no lights to guide small folk towards our front door until they are almost there is a factor.  No one likes to go to the strange folk in the last house in the village right at the edge of the woods where beasts howl and banshees scream even in the movies, so doing it for real in the real world is not really going to happen.  And I am not sure Halloween is like it used to be in the old days, it was always a bit impromptu with small gangs of small children scurrying about haphazard at one time. Then when we lived in the previous town there was a not so nice gang of older children who would scare little old ladies and demanded money.  It seems to have all got a bit more corporate and organized now or has vanished behind the hidden doors of those of whom we will not speak.  

I did finally get the new house sign attached to the post at the other end of the drive today which is good so next year at Halloween we will be the strange folk with the strange house sign who live at the edge of the haunted woods full of howling and screaming beasts. . . I’m sure that will encourage a few to risk all for a chocolate eyeball. On the bright side I do have a load of chocolate eyeballs to eat now although they are a bit sickly, but I guess eating real eyeballs in a bit sickly although not entirely in the same way.

After fitting the new House Sign I did feel rather ill as it happens and I have not eaten any eyeballs yet and was forced to take to my bed with a rather bad headache, luckily I have now recovered from this terrible ordeal but it is somewhat later and rather dark. Well that was a chunk of time of which I will never know anything about, I am not convinced losing bits of time is altogether a good idea bearing in mind the uncertainty of knowing how much we have in total to mess about in.

Well that is it I’m off now to chill and eat chocolate eyeballs or a raspberry sponge and cream, I did what I thought was a rather good picture of Harry Potter at Halloween in the style of Whats his Name. . . . Andy Warhol for the internet yesterday that I thought was OK but it vanished into the blackness faster than a small child on our drive at midnight. It is little things like this that eat away at the mind and make me ponder the futility of doing what I am doing here at times. . . . Never mind I will battle on.

Maybe its a bit  more Sargent Pepper meets Harry Potter at Halloween 
In the style Andy Warhol 


  1. The house sign looks wonderful, but that drive is rather long. Perhaps if you had one of those golf buggies to ferry people back and forth to your front door, then you wouldn't now be munching on those eyeballs. Well at least it's not brains. Those things give me awful heartburn.

    Glad you're recovered from your headache Mr Z. I've had a rather nasty migraine for the last 3 days, so I empathise.

    1. My headache was short lived but not nice. When I was young (OK in my teens till about mid twenties) I used to get migraines, they were not nice and would mess with my mind and eyes and I would crash out for a few days into total darkness, but they just sort of stopped and I'm OK now . . . . . . Just slightly mad and knackered from going up and down that drive