Sunday, 23 August 2015

Poetry for Witches

Witches Witches Everywhere
Over here
And over there
Under beds
Without a care
Waving wands
To try and scare
Witches Witches on Witches brooms
Fly about in darkened rooms
Black cats watching as they play
As the Witches
Fly past . . . . . All night and day
Cauldrons bubble on the fire
As the Witches
Make the spells they desire
Turning princes
Into big green frogs
With eye of newt
And tail of dog
Grumbling other folk say their very bad
Have a warty nose
And might be mad
So sometimes Witches just for spite
Turn the milkman’s milk very pink instead of white
Or tell small children
They are very nice
Before turning them
Into tiny mice
Which the black cat will then Promptly eat
Because as we know
Cats like a bit of furry meat
And so it seems
We have reached the Time
When Witches
Have decided to end . . . . . .  This Rhyme
And some would say


just fine

With one more short and poetic line . . . . . such as



  1. I came to the realization that I neVer think about witches on my own. So I will dedicate an hour today on the subject matter just for you. I will report back later how it goes. If you neVer hear from me again, fear the worst, both for me and yourself. It could signal the end of mankind and kind men as we now know it, a global extinction event leaving squirrels in charge everywhere eXcept otters would control the waterways and platypus eventually killing of aLL koalas as that is their current passion.

    1. Well Mr ESB I was thinking about you earlier and thinking that you must be a busy chap at present. Which sounds bad but is probably good as you are a man of many businesses so probably prefer work to no work. I prefer to potter about but it is not economically productive, but I have worked out that if I am careful I will continue to have a pleasant lifestyle until I am 96. . . or was it 69. . AH DAMN

      Are you sure about the Squirrels, I guess thinking about that I can see they have the skills to take over from us if we are all turned into frogs. I wonder what would happen if a prince turned into a frog is then kissed by a Squirrel. (I can see a fairy tale in that idea)

      Nice comment Mr ESB this is what this blog is all about.

  2. Is there a reason why these witches are flying about in darkened rooms? What if they knock over some furniture, or a lit candle that's been readied for when they want to light and fire and dance naked around it's burning frames. Health and safety will hear about this Mr Z.

    1. Well I agree that if you do plan to dance around a naked flame it is probably best done naked. Modern materials tend to go up in a puff of smoke at the slightest thing.

      And its OK in the darkened room, witches have sat-nav and low light binoculars these days. No more relying on an ageing Owl to warn you of impending obstacles.

    2. OOOooo and apparently you need to answer your phone?

  3. Only August and now we are getting in the spirit of Halloween. Seems to come earlier every year. I guess the Halloween stores will be opening soon around here.

    Arlee Bird
    A to Z Challenge Co-host
    Tossing It Out

    1. You cant have too many witches Mr B or terrible poetry.