Monday, 31 August 2015

Poetry for the Apocalypse and Haiku for Harry Potter and Things

I live on a Post Apocalyptic Earth
Charred End to End
Right Round its Girth
With just a few Fish
Swimming about in the Sea
Some Insects and Beetles
A Fat Parrot
And ME

AH . . . . I Ate the Parrot

Haiku for Harry Potter

Harry Potter Likes His Cheese
Flying About
And Nesting in Trees

Poetry for things

A Pointy Thing
A Sharp Thing
A round Thing
A Piece of String
A Flat Thing
A Lumpy Thing
A Tiny Thing
A Cart Spring

And an odd Thing
That goes

Batteries Not Included 


  1. Ooh, 3 for the price of 1! Bargain!

    1. A bargain indeed. I am not sure my poetry is all that popular when ever I post something else on the blog I get more page views. Poems appear to be the kiss of death. . . . Maybe I need to write a little poem about the Kiss of Death or a scary tale. . . OOOOOooooo that all sounds rather difficult maybe I will not.