Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Yemiliano Yaragoza. . . . The A to Z of Slightly Strange Unknown Victorian Inventors and Explorers


Yemiliano Yaragoza

 Miss Yemiliano Yaragoza’s name is seldom mentioned even in Victorian times she was almost completely unknown despite being one of the greatest mathematicians the world has ever know. It is even said by some that Albert Einstein could never have worked out his own theories without reading her work, and that even he did not fully understand the bulk of it.  She calculated that the time space gravitational balance was held in place by a force she called the Yaragoza String Particle. And that a small change in this changed the ratio of time, space and gravity and so instantly solved the paradox of the bend in time and space, Black holes, entire star systems clasping in seconds, the Big Bang and dark matter. As her theory stated (in simple terms) the Yaragoza String Particle is a multi dimensional force and much like an iceberg only a tiny part of it can be detected in our universe, but its influence is critical to the universes stability. Any change in ratio of the Yaragoza String Particle between dimensions even to a factor of 10ˉ¹²ⁿ could cause huge changes to the known universes structure.

Had she lived in Europe she would be famous even today, but she lived in Mexico, a place of turmoil during Victorian times. She was a dedicated left wing idealist and activist, a Soldaderas (a woman of the Mexican Revolution). And is said to have invented the very first cassette loading hand held recoilless machine gun. A weapon she destroyed herself a few years later when she became disillusioned with the political leaders and activists as they became corrupted by money and power.  She also corresponded with Roger Rocket Ravens and calculated his flight path to and from the moon.

Having become disillusioned by the complexities of the revolution in Mexico she bought a small tapas bar on the coast and kept and bred rare Penguins in a specially designed Penguin House its designed specially commissioned from Wibury Wainwright Wrong who she had advised on the design of his lightweight steam powered aero engine.   


  1. I do like the sound of Miss Yaragoza. Sounds like my kinda woman, apart from all that maths and string theory stuff. Looking forward to the conclusion Mr Z.

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    1. It was to look more Mexican . . .

    2. Y in Spanish is And in English. So you could ask someone, "Why?", and they could respond, "And?", and you could respond, "Si?", and they would say, "Yes!" and you could say, "Who is on first." and they could start all over again, "Why?".

    3. I can Si why the Mexican revolutions all got a bit confused now.