Thursday, 29 May 2014

The Door and The Diary the Norwegian, the Troll and Harry Potter.

OK yes it still needs painting

I can here several folk thinking Hey ROB what’s with all those odd stories lately why don’t you give us some real information something sensible not all that damn loony stuff, why don’t you tell us what you did today. Yes OK I take the hint so I will tell you of my day . . . . . it’s boring though, really boring. 

A box arrived this morning from BT to replace the old box we have from BT, apparently our old box is so old that in less than a months time it will stop working and will officially be obsolete. Typical although the new one does not appear to look that much different to the old one, so I guess at some point it will be a box change . . . .Oooooooo that will be an exciting diary entry for you all.

After that we decided to go to a Garden centre in Welshpool, it did take longer than planned as there was a silly man in a car who was going rather slow. Anyway he decided he wanted to leave on the same exit as us at the roundabout, even though he indicated differently that was sort of close. I was going to shout at him, but I was not allowed to. As we entered Welshpool behind the silly man it was chaos due to a large lorry unloading at the main lights it took ages to get through, as we got near the huge lorry and the lights the silly man we had followed decided that the best place to wait for things to sort themselves out was parked next to the huge lorry. O yes that was clever blocking the entire road was a great help, we left him loads of space to reverse out the way but he just sat there and so he totally grid locked Welshpool which made him very popular.

Anyway after things were sorted we went and bought a couple of plants and then headed home using another route, we are not silly enough to go back the same way.  Then I set upon making a slightly ventilated panel for a door by drilling loads of holes in it. I based my design on an old Iceland Norse calendar that can predict the full moon and it’s designed so that once ever five hundred years the rising sun shines through the holes and creates the image of Sven Erik Astro-turfston the legendary Burgan Troll Slayer who discovered Iceland way back when . . . . .   Those Burgan Trolls were sharp witted and clever trolls and it was one of the great battles of Norwegian History.

Trolls do get a bad name everyone assumes they are huge blundering half wits a reputation that is not helped by the likes of Harry Potter and his mates who got into a right strop when they were beaten in team chess by a group of Trolls. . . . . . . .  O NO they don’t tell you that in the books or the films, they soon forgot about that little incident and then make the trolls out to be IDIOTS. . . .  But some of us know the truth Mr Harry (can’t beat a Troll at Chess) Potter. . . YA SUCKS BOO.

Ooooooo I better stop before this gets a bit too long.

I have just had a cup of tea….

Not entirely child friendly but very funny if you live near Welshpool


  1. I think i was stuck behind that driver this evening. I had taken Mrs H to watch her Xmen film (she loves the xmen comics) and we were stuck doing 40mph on the A5 for aaaaaaaaages.
    I'm quite a calm driver considering I'm such an angry pedestrian. I stand stand people who dawdle and get in the way when there is so much pavement for everyone.
    Anyway, I only came here to read about the box.... Hee-hee :O)

    1. Its a very nice matt black box, the old one was silver. Matt Black is the trendy colour these days for boxes not Silver that is old hat. It also has a big button on the front so that will be fun to press once I have it all connected.

      Are you sure Mrs H likes xmen comics or do you buy them for her and then sort of say . . . . . Not reading your xmen comic dear, I'll always have a look......

      I do dawdle on pavements I'm afraid, but I have rather dodgy feet and if i go fast I fall over. I do try and stay out of the way though.

      I hope the film is good, I suspect it will get a 6 out of 10

  2. I looked at your whole hole pattern and I couldn't tell for sure whether you needed one more hole on each end, long direction, in the middle.

    Having a hole-y day myself. My HVAC mentor had installed a line too close to a rough spot on a brick wall, and the rock carved a rock shaped hole in the copper tubing and the copper tubing carved a curved spot in the rock, due to the compressor unit vibration.

    1. Those missing holes top and bottom were on purpose.

      I did have to think about the compressor vibration induced curved rock effect a bit to get the sequence right in my head. But I now understand . . . . sort of a bit maybe.

    2. I have the damaged piece of copper tubing. I just got finished a little while ago. I ran into a different kind of valve today that I had never experienced before, so that delayed my progress a little, finishing up in the hotter part of the day than what I expected. Oh wow! I just realized I fell asleep and didn't push the 'Publish' button, ha, I truly am too tired today.

    3. :) . . . . I too an tired at the moment.

  3. I hate silly drivers, but they seem to be everywhere these days.

    1. They do Miss Laura, it can get scary and somewhat dangerous