Monday, 12 May 2014

L is for Light

I know it has nothing to do with light
But this is my Album, sounds rubbish but looks Cool

Light is complex stuff indeed, it all looks dead simple, switch a light on and what happens loads of light (unless it is bust, that’s the light bulb not the light). And we all know that light travels in straight lines unless some smart arse sticks a prism in its way and we get a nice rainbow; a result of the different wavelengths or as we like to call them colours.  We also know that light will travel huge distances and for long periods of time. They can look at stars and stuff now so far away that it has taken almost the entire lifetime of the universe to get to our planet which is a serious length of time, so light has staying power.   However as a simple chap with a curious mind what I want to know is how come light can keep going so long, most things run out of steam and come to a grinding halt in the end. I keep being told that movement uses energy and so in order to keep the movement going more energy is required and that a perpetual motion machine is physically impossible. So how come light just keeps going until it sort of hits a brick wall or a planet such as Earth where the light is turned to heat. Yes we all know that Energy can not be destroyed only changed so light is hardy stuff. What I need is the IDIOTS Guide to Light. I vaguely remember someone saying there was no light in the early universe, but I am not sure I believe that, a big bang with no light I think not, that is like a Disco without Barry White.  

Anyway I would have written something far more interesting but I have been drumming and have been involved in other stuff today all day till now, so this is a sort of AH DAMN sit down start typing O MY GOD IS THAT THE TIME. I blame the Time King, Yes Mr Time King YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE   . . . What starts with the letter L  Yes Yes Lizards do, but they are really hard to write about., much like lino or leaves.  


Does this make sense . . . . . . . I will read it tomorrow . . . . . . . .. . . .   

AAAAAAuuuuuuuuggggHHHHHHH. . . . . .Again       


  1. I thought you were a bit late tonight Mr Z. The TIME KING has a lot to answer for.
    As for the Big Bang without light, that would be more of a "piff" then a "bang", though I do like the analogy between that and disco without Barry White. Who incidentally was the Love King and not the Time King. (Though Barry is hardly a sexy name for the king of lurve)

    I really enjoyed this post Mr Z. It was both informative and amusing.

    1. It was written in a mad rush, It is harder to write mad stuff fast so ironically a mad rush produces less mad posts. That Time King is indeed a bit of a one I might move my watch on an hour or two to confuse him (or me)

  2. Hi Mr. R,

    Yes, it made sense and this worries me! :) Of course, what I see is in the past. By the time I have read my lit up screen, I seeing a nano of a nano of a nano, nano, nano second into the past.

    Thank you for this light-hearted post.

    I hope you know that I, yes, I, Penny the Jack Russell dog and modest internet superstar is commenting at gone three in the morning. Then again, what is time, when I think about it....


    1. Three in the Morning . . . . .Yikes I am sleeping at times like that and have no plans to anything else at such times.

      Light Hearted, this is science Penny real science like scientists do. . . . . (sort of)

  3. As the Court Jester to the Time King...okay, the Assistant to the Court Jester to the Time King, I would like to apologize for your feeling of lost moments. But in His Honor's defense, time spent drumming is time well spent. Also, the compressed moment you had to contemplate the wavelength of light is quite well spent. I'd say you owe our venerated Time King not only an apology but a debt of gratitude. Don't worry, I'll talk to the Court Jester who can put in a good word with the Duke of Time who will possibly, maybe discuss the matter with the Cardinal of Catholic Time who will then, in turn, potentially talk to the King of Time.

    1. Court Jester to the Time King . . . . I feel we have entered the strange world of Prog-Rock.

      But sorry Time King.

      As for the Cardinal of Catholic Time, well I am a Micro God sort of Chap so we may not see eye to eye. Partly because I am much taller than they are.

  4. If I was light, I would eventually just get tired and lay down somewhere and take a rest. Perhaps that's what black holes are, just places where the light got tired of running around the universe and took a break.

    I have several stories partially written in my head that contain the time king or time lords or time wizard or some variation thereof. It would seem to not be an undefeatable power, but what is they Time King simply moved you to some time that a bull was charging throughout the space you are standing right now. Or a comet hit that location. Or way back, it was lava or under the ocean? He would easily dispatch all his enemies.