Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Life, the Universe and Harry Potter

Today as we all know is the start of a fresh year or the day after yesterday, and depending on how you view these events makes one look rather grander than the other. It has also been a rather wet and grey day with wild winds blowing turning it into a horrible day, so I have done a tiny bit of DIY, I say tiny because even inside it can be difficult to get all fired up and keen when it is wet, windy, cold and grey outside. I even did something really really terrible this afternoon I watched the first Harry Potter film again, you know back in the day when young Harry was a likeable young wizard with his innocent startled rabbit face, eyes blinking into the great abyss of the future and it made me realise that Harry Potter (we have never seen eye to eye by the way) and what happened to him is a classic reflection on life the universe and everything.

You see there he was young likeable chirpy and sort of happy go lucky-ish at first, but as he grows up so he appears to have the world and its problems burdening him down and he starts to lose his chirpy quirky ways and turns dead grumpy, life gets darker and darker and those funny little bits of magic lose there humorous sparkle. Then as the years go on he sneaks an extra film in to make a bit more money with his part one and part two merchandising scam.  Then vanishes off into the distance and obscurity to do whatever Harry is doing . . . . . . Well . . . I can tell you right now we will have none of that with me; I remain chirpy  . . . . OK grumpy-ish and have no plans to sneak in extra films just for the hell of it. And I can assure everyone that I will always be an innocent (OK not rabbit looking) startled faced chap with eyes blinking into the great abyss of the future even when I am old and grumpy like the Ghost Writer . . . . And there will always be a place in my diary for a goat to be catapulted into the out of town supermarket or a Zombie or two to tap dance on the piano at Uncle Fred’s Funeral, or Mr Jones to chase the ice cream van up the high street naked because it is playing the theme song to Close Encounters of the Third Kind. . . . You will never see Harry Potter doing stuff like that  . . . . O NO and he dos not have a Steam Powered Duck or a Pointy Stick.


  1. Quite often I find myself looking at people wondering what percentage of how close they look like Harry Potter. Its the eyeglasses, most likely, that trigger these mini-episodes.

    1. Hah! Your website odometer was only 2 below my zip code of 79007.

    2. I learned a little Dutch while on my trip to far away so I used the translate feature to read your blog in Dutch.

    3. I hope my Blog makes as much sense in Dutch as it does in English.

      It appears the odometer has zipped past your zip code now Mr ESB but I think most of the count is due the strange robot activity of Cyberspace.