Thursday, 2 January 2014

Delicious and full of Natural Goodness the all New NOCAR BAR . . . Driving Men Mad

The Ghost Writer ventured off to his place of work today, but was using our car (again) as he has Nocar . . . . When I say Nocar I am not referring to the chewy sweet substance made with the fermented legs of the nine banded armadillo and seaweed from the shores of the Ivory Coast blended with the crushed bodies of the sugar monkey. Yes I know I know they are very cute, but delicious and give Nocar its distinctive sweet flavour. 

I am referring to Nocar which is the state of exact opposite of a car.  The advantage to owning the Nocar is that it is incredibly cheap to run although admittedly it is a bit slow, but in eco terms it is difficult to find any vehicle that can equal it. Of course the great disadvantage for the Ghost Writer is the reason he is using the Nocar is because his car is sort of dead, like the Norwegian Blue and is pining for the Fjords  (sorry I mean Fiat spare part) and like the Norwegian Blue will arrive back with a big Bill  . . . . . . HAH HAHAH HAH HAH HAH AH HA HAH HAha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

Anyway the Ghost Writer was in his grey office with one other person who it turned out was not expecting to see anyone else, so it is just possible that he spent the day working away when in fact he was probably still on his Christmas Holiday. But he did say that he was able to get on and do stuff and back up the entire system, and did not have to be nice to anyone as they were not there, as he often says an empty office is a happy office.

It was also a slightly better day today something that the Ghost Writer says tends to happen when he is trapped in a grey office all day. However the forecast is not good for the weekend and it looks like its going to be good pirate weather again, HAR HAR HAR me old sea dogs…..

 Ooooo yes I have been told I am an IDIOT apparently Nocar the chewy sweet substance made with the fermented legs of the nine banded armadillo and seaweed from the shores of the Ivory coast blended with the crushed bodies of the sugar monkey is not called NOCAR. . . . It is called  NOUGAT, and apparently not everyone makes it the same way as we do, I have been told to say nothing as it may ruin sales . . . . . . . AH DAMN. 


  1. Oh, great, I feel stupid, as I had missed what your previous nocar had meant!

    I am having a great time playing Greater Than Sudoku. I went to Amarillo yesterday to get new cabinets and countertop to create a workstation for a new renter, as she just passed all her cosmetology exams, so I almost have all the spots filled in both hair salons, which is the exact opposite of about a year ago. So I have maybe a little bit of carpentry work to do as I know someone else has volunteered to do the painting.

    1. I am rubbish at Cosmetology Mr ESB although I can usually find Orion's Belt, Jupiter and some of the basic things like the Moon.

      I suspect you cant get a roast Armadillo in Amarillo.

      I will stop at Sudoku, we generally do one each time we sit down for a meal so that's two sometimes three a day..... Well at home anyway eating out with friends with your mind pondering Sudoku is not good...

      If I was a bit closer I would be happy to volunteer to paint for you, but I may be further away that is practical to be practical...... I could cheer and shout YOU MISSED A BIT..........

    2. On the menu last night at the Golden Light Cafe in Amarillo where I was getting a buffalo burger they had Lake Meredith Water on the menu without a price as if it were available on a sporadic basis with an inflated value, whereas the locals aLL know it is, to use your favorite word, rubbish. The buffalo meat comes from a herd that is actually raised within the city limits of Amarillo in the northeast section near the loop. I have photographed them quite a bit. As far as armadillo I will have to ask around. I think armadillos are more rare in our part of Texas, I think they might like a warmer climate and we are probably the coldest part of the state as we are in the north and our elevation is fairly high. I remember seeing a humorous poster of road kill in a diner in Darrouzett TX once that most likely listed armadillo. But it is really spelled wrong as I think armadillos don't have arms so much as they have four legs. Hahahahaha - I believe they are called armadillos because they look like they have a coat of armor, whereas Amarillo is a Spanish word for yellow. The baseball team there was called the Dillas and they had an armadillo logo on their uniforms, so if there was a secret cannibal society that ate baseball players, they might have armadillos on their men-u. Hahahahaha men-u menu men-u hahahahahahahahaha I wasn't laughing, just suddenly spelling the abbreviation for Hawaii repeatedly.

  2. Who doesn't love pirate weather? You'd think we'd be used to it by now.

  3. Hmm, I might invest in a nocar. Is there a showroom where I can view nocars?