Saturday, 7 December 2013

Cars, Cold and the Dangers of the Amazon

It appears the Ghost Writer is having a bit of a car problem at present as his clutch will not disengage when his car is cold, this is OK in the summer but not ideal when it is cold in the winter. As we are now in December what it means is his car is sulking and it will be heading off to the garage some time next week to be looked at. He has tried sacrificing leaves to Gearboximus the Micro God of Car Parts but to no avail. It does mean all the leaves got cleared off the drive, so dad was very pleased although it was dad who told the Ghost Writer that sacrificing fallen leaves was a sure solution to the Ghost Writers car problems, I was sure it was furry mice you were meant to sacrifice or was it furry dice?

While on the subject of things that are happening at present I have a word of warning for you all that you need to take heed of, particularly if you are a young eccentric child of cyberspace like myself when I remember, I am old I forget these things . . . . . .(DAMN that’s a slip up). Anyway back to the present and my warning, you see I have been looking at Amazon the rather well known online shop of everything (well here in the UK it is) for presents and made a serious mistake. While looking for presents for Dad and the Ghost Writer I made the mistake of typing in Men’s toys as you do, lets face it men like playing with toys loads; it a sort of men’s thing they remain about aged 10 deep down in their DNA and I know these things I’m a chap.

Yes I know what you are thinking Men’s Toys we know the sort of thing that turned up with that search and to some degree you are right but you are also wrong because there are things there that plainly confused me, so I will try and list a few.

My Little Pony Rainbow Dash All Over Print Lounge Pants

Mens Shrek Gingerbread Warrior Costume

Mens Fishnet Tights (Black)

Meerkat Costume - Kigurumi onesie animal suit


Donkey - Adult  Costume


Mens Funny Dorothy Comedy Wizard Of Oz  Costume –

Now when it comes to dressing up in a fifteen pounds Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz costume there must be a limited customer base among men, yes I know she is a bit of a gay icon (I think?), but I really don’t think even the gay community will buy a cheap plastic Dorothy outfit in order to look a bit like an escaped Zombie from Oz.   And what is even more worrying is much of this is made in China and what on earth are they going to think, we may be attracting entirely the wrong sort of tourist from this vast land and they may be very disappointed.

Anyway I have abandoned this idea now and they may have to be content with socks . . . .

It was another rather cool looking sunset tonight but is now cold, what I need to keep me warm is a Shrek Gingerbread Warrior Costume  . . . . . . . . OK its not that cold yet.


  1. Those are some strange presents for men. Though I have to say, I'm tempted to get my boyfriend the Shrek gingerbread one, just because it would be hilarious.

    1. No Miss Laura I don't think he would appreciate it, but at least you don't intend to make him dress up as Dorothy . . . . .PHEW.