Thursday, 26 December 2013

Boxing Day, Sparrows and Wrens

We have arrived at the end of Boxing Day here in cyberspace, I am not sure if everyone has a Boxing Day or not, but I believe it is also known as St Stephens Day where some folk dress up in old clothes, shambolic fake straw hats and wave fake wrens at passer’s by, as you would expect the day after Christmas Day.  Anyway it got to be called Boxing day more recently after everyone started turning up at the recycling skips with all the boxes that all their Christmas presents were in, before they rush off to the sales to buy more stuff in boxes.

Strangely after Christmas day where everyone gives gifts to folk so that folk have loads of stuff and are pondering where to keep all the new stuff given as gifts, many people are compelled to think I know I will rush off to the sales and buy more stuff.  The very time when the masses don’t actually need more stuff, it is a strange ritual with its origins back in the early days of mans history when this time of year was tough for us in the northern hemisphere. However back in the Neolithic days boxes were thin on the ground and generally made of stone and sales were like hens teeth, AH apparently back then hens had teeth so that saying is rubbish.

Here at home it is tradition for the family to turn up and we eat food wave arms about wear demonic wrens hats (or dog hats if you cant find a wren hat) play games such as who killed the wren with the iron bat (sorry bar) in the Library and tell stories of much interest and wisdom and then eat more food.

I think everyone had a good time and I had planned to take pictures of them all for posterity only they all said NO and who is this posterity chap anyway. Sorry but that means it is pictures of an empty table instead (very exciting).

They have all gone home now and we have just said farewell to Santa who has also just left (no he really did, heading off in his sleigh in the direction of North), although he said he plans to turn up next year with a fresh supply of wrens. . . . . .

Talking of wrens I am getting a little annoyed by a sparrow hawk that keeps nicking the local sparrows, we have a good flock of sparrows here or we did until this critter turned up. Nature as I have said many times before is not nice I may be forced to make the Micro God of Sparrows and possibly Wrens too. 


  1. Boxing day should be called Left-Overs day. At no other time of the year would you be forced to eat a day old half burnt turkey with some limp veg that has been blended to oblivion and called a soup.
    From the before and after picture, it looks like you all had a good time... although I'm a little worried there is a single cracker left on table. Maybe you should send it to Addman - He luuuurves crackers. hahahahahahaha

    1. We do not eat turkey here Mr H so food on boxing day is always a grand affair I I had lamb kofta, spicy flat bread, roast potatoes, lentil slice, falafel followed by an upside down chocolate sponge loads of cream, meringue and raspberries. There were lots of other options to eat as everyone brings interesting food along, but then there is only so much a chap can eat.....

      As for the Cracker, I can not tell a lie it was me who did not pull the cracker, but I did pull it this morning at breakfast while eating cocoa pops and toast and Marmite . . . .

      When you say Mr Addman do you refer to the Mr Mr Addman producing His Muppets for Justice Ebook to be released on Amazon on the 3rd of January full of his best material and many new short witty stories.

    2. On Boxing Day I think greatest thoughts which make me think of Muhammed Ali, maybe I have that backwards.

      So I am at an intersection stopped but when I try to go forward my truck does not respond. So I put it in reverse and go backwards a little ways, then try forward and it responds just fine and I went on down the road. Then I woke up and realized it was a dream. I should have realized it was a dream a little bit earlier than that because I wasn't me on the outside but rather I was Si from Duck Dynasty, the teleBision show.

    3. I think that not being you is a clue to it being a dream. Although the problem with the truck could have been expensive had it not been a dream so maybe it was lucky that it was a dream. I wonder if you could have dreamed the money into existence to pay for the repair work.

      Muhammed Ali was certainly a great showman but he never dreamed about making a useful grill for the kitchen, unlike another boxer from his boxing days

    4. Yes, I could imagine imaginary currency. I think I had that dream because a few days before when the temperature was 20 F it started just fine but then the oil pressure indicator kept falling off to zero. But when I checked the day during 50 F weather and with the engine heater having been on for many hours it performed just fine. I don't know how common it is for oil pumps to work sporadically. I was more inclined to belueve the sensor was having trouble. I have some other things to verify the situation, I am just waiting for a warm dry day to play outside as a mechanic. I enjoy diagnosing diesel engine problems.