Friday, 8 November 2013

Storms, Books, Old Masters and a Morris Minor

Mr M continues to get weaker and the nurses suspect he has less than twenty four hours left to live, so it is all a little sad, but he had a jolly good run. And although he has struggled with one thing and another the last couple of years, he has done loads of things and been to loads of places in his lifetime. We did not stay too long today as his son is stopping at the hospital and other folk are popping in to see him. I have taken to drawing pictures of stuff while I am there now as Mr M was amused by them when he could see what I was up too; he was rather a good artist himself and once painted a tiny Micro Morris Minor on an old master so well that no one has ever noticed.  He always used to think of John Constable saying to the young Morris Minor driver  . . . . . HELLO sonny would you mind blowing into this Goats bladder.

I noticed on the news first thing that a huge storm has hit the Philippines with winds up to 199 miles an hour although as yet there is little news of how much destruction it has caused, but it does go to show that the big storm that the BBC were talking about that attacked the South coast of Britain was in reality merely a flesh wound. One of the perks of living in the UK is our weather may be wet, windy, cold, and sometimes a bit warm, but mainly not with grey skies and the odd bit of snow and more rain and even more rain; however our storms are fairly tame compared to other places and we tend not to get seriously extreme weather. It is strange then that I reckon us Brits complain about the weather more than anyone else, maybe knowing it can’t come back and bite us quite so badly means we can complain more.  It is like poking a kitten and a Lion with a pointy stick, OK the one is just not nice but the other is extremely silly or so I was told by the Zoo Keeper.

You may look at my little drawing (doodle) tonight and think WHAT? But I tend not to think too much about what I draw while visiting Mr M, so it may appear a little unrelated. If (as I have said many times now) you are reading the cheap paperback Diary of Rob Z Tobor bought at Kings Cross station in the three for a pound bargain basket, you will not get to see my drawings, so best to buy the illuminated limited edition with the gold leaf embossed cover sold for a modest one thousand five hundred and twenty three pounds and fifteen pence plus postage.  


  1. I've no doubt your kindness was very much appreciated by Mr. M. I know you are a big softy at heart.

    The Philippines has really endured what has been one of the biggest typhoons, ever.

    That doodle seems to portray something you might be keeping under wraps.

    Be well, good sir.

    1. I think the Philippines has suffered very badly. I always believe that if news takes time to reach the rest of the world these days about a disaster it can only mean the disaster is so bad that there is no way to tell people.

      It is sad that so many people may have died, at least Mr M has support from friends and nurses. He is a prime example of the National Health Service at its best and working Brill.

  2. Lately I have started drawing some on paper but mostly parallel lines. I think it is grand that the word parallel has three parallel lines. It would be even better if it was spelled parallell, because then it would have a pair of parallel lines that are parallel to each other.

    1. I suspect in a parallel universe somewhere parallel is spelt parallell