Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Mr M, Art and memento's, Memorabilia and the Taj Mahal

We were rather hoping that with the sad death of Mr M it may be possible to get a small memento from his estate, one of his small quirky little sculptures or one of his personal little drawings. However we have not heard from his son and the dark shadows, and have a feeling that much of the little personal things of no value have been destroyed or burnt. This often happens when people die suddenly folk see pounds signs and not the person, which is very sad. But being a resourceful chap I am now working on a master plan to create Mr M art based memorabilia using images from some of little home made cards and some of the things he made plus some old photos.

Ironically it may well be that lots of the items he had collected or made over the years; he made of lot of wooden furniture and small cupboards could end up in an auction in Montgomery where we used to live.

It was Mr S’s birthday today and so we have all been to the Indian restaurant in Montgomery for a meal, and jolly good it was too. Although Miss K did try and destroy the Taj Mahal (not the one made by Mr M out of special brew cans or the real one) 

Oooo and we have just heard back from the son of Mr M so we will see what occurs. 

You should really watch this it is rather cooooooool


  1. Sorry, my comment got messed up by something and now a headache has creeped into me ...

    1. Hang in there Mr ESB . . . . . Ooooo how is the grand plan going with those new embroidery machines and the like.

      I think Mr M may be still about keeping an eye on things and nodding knowingly saying

  2. Fingers crossed you are able to get a memento of Mr M. At the very least you have kept all those cards and pictures, which were obviously made with love and friendship in mind. And they are YOURS directly from him.
    Either way, fingers crossed for you.

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