Tuesday, 24 July 2012

The opening ceremony of the 2012 Olympics, Daleks and a jammed synchromeshed grattle ion mixing filament array.

According to the dog if the synchromeshed grattle ion mixing filament array jams on dads weather machine, dad’s weather machine has a habit of getting a bit out of control and things can apparently turn a little extreme with the weather. The reason I am mentioning this today is because dad was working away in his workshop first thing this morning when we heard him shout out to himself, the stupid ***** ***** ************ ***** ****** SYNCHROMESHED GRATTLE ion mixing filament array is Jammed again. He then went on to complain about the quality of dodgy imported steel parts and even dodgy non imported steel parts. Telling us that in the good old days of steel making when he was allowed to send children up the chimney to clean it; and Porky (so called because of the Pig Boiling) the famous Bessemer Furnace fired up by Henry Bessemer himself in 1854 was still going strong one hundred plus years later before it was mothballed because of the moths?

At least my hand is normal today, well almost normal, the dog says normal is all relative and so my hand is as normal as my hand gets. I told the dog not to call all my relatives normal as there is nothing normal about my relatives? …… …….. ….. Hummmm I think…………

I am now slightly irritated by the Olympics (already), as we can not switch on the wireless or pick up a newspaper without the media getting very very excited (unusually excited) about the Olympics.

It appears that they are still trying to keep the opening ceremony of the Olympics under wraps at present so I think it is important that I do not mention the 10,000 nude Morris dancers again or Cliff Richard or Eddy the Eagle or the massed masses of irritating smilling school children massed to make it look like there are masses of people massed in a mass (not the church type mass). Esmeralda will no longer be part of this even since she can only roll about at present, she could be one of the Daleks in the opening ceremony, although they are still very much a secret…… ……. …….DAMN sorry Mr Danny. Or was it the closing ceremony where they will exterminate the Olympic flame …… exterminate …… exterminate……. exterminate..  ………. HAHAHAHAH hah ha hahah hahhahah hahah ah haha ahHAH HAH HA

Sorry that’s it, the heat has frazzled my brain I think I need to help find a synchromeshed grattle ion mixing filament array before my diary is…….. EXTERMINATED.



  1. My brain 's wet and warm but mainly because I just got finished unloading then loading the dishwasher and washing dishes. I am most curious as to the search string employed in order to bring up the photos that The Chicken was looking at in the Images Display. I don't know if your chicken can read, so if not, please tell The Chicken "hello" for me.

    1. yours is the only other blog that he has appeared on so he is always happy to say Hello S0:-

      HELLO MR ESB.......

      The search was on Google and was 'Daleks" and then I selected the images option.... Daleks in the UK are a much loved baddie from Dr Who, the worlds longest running Sci-Fi TV show and classic British in feel.

  2. If anyone is feeling brave and wants to do something to rattle the mind of a very clever person then try a Google search on ......

    ion mixing filament array