Tuesday, 3 July 2012

The Olympic Torch, as safe as Bobs Diamonds....

It has been a lovely day today, when I say lovely I am not referring to the weather as it is still wet and grey although not cold so that’s OK. Yes we went off to see Auntie Karen and Ian the Musical Hat Maker, rock hero and very nice chap. It was as always really great to see them; they live in the rolling hills of Wales in a house full of twists and turns and steps and small crevices full of interesting things. They have lived there for a long long time so all of the twists and turns and steps and small crevices full of interesting things are multilayered with interesting things, which is the best way to keep interesting things in my opinion.  Mr Ian was showing me his internet radio which is WELL COOL, he even tuned into the local Icelandic radio station which no one could understand because they were all speaking in Icelandic. But I think I will need to get one of these radios as radio reception here is not great even for the basic stations.  



Mr Ian the Musical Hat Maker is famous for his happy smiling face as he whizzes round his designer kitchen with its myriad of cooking options (electricity, oil, gas, coal, nuclear and the radar range) and threw together a rather yummy lunch of loads of different things although mainly vegetarian. However he did have mini scotch eggs in honour of his Scottish heritage and wafer thin ham that required a special technique to pick up in honour of Auntie Karen’s heritage, none of us quite got the hang of picking it up, however we still ate it all.

Mr Ian then told us tales of things like his attempt to set fire to the local member of parliament with the Olympic torch when it passed by the nearby town of Welshpool. However he was stopped by several large men on motorbikes who were smiling and waving to the crowd.  In the end he got away when a man from the bank tried to get the motorcycle Olympic torch outriders to invest a small amount of money in a high yield investment scheme which he assured them was as safe as buying diamonds from his mate Bob…….. AH

He also was telling us that he had an imposter on the internet once who said that he was Ian the Musical Hat Maker, But as I said, that is mad why would anyone pretend to be someone else on the internet…….. Even mum and Auntie Karen said IDIOT?      

Auntie Karen has started making hats, not music hats like Mr Ian but felt hats and they are rather COOL. She plans to wear them when she plays on stage with her band Hoots which sounds a bit like Hats (a bit), as I have said in the past Auntie Karen plays the saxophone. So they are both very musical although Mr Ian rather laments the good old days when songs were songs and everyone had to be a good musician. But with a million radio stations on his hi-tech internet radio he can still find a few things to listen too, even his own songs from time to time.

Anyway Auntie Karen and Mr Ian thank you for a lovely day it was lovely to see you as always, we hope you like the gooseberries, red currants and salad from the garden….  


anthropomorphic saxophonist robot..... 
This is a late addition for my very good friend Mr ESB


  1. I should invent the telesaxophone. It would be a saxophone that could be played by remote control from a great distance. There would be roboticaLLy controLLed fingers and the need for an aircompressor and valving. To make tonal adjustments, things besides air could be used to pass through the instrument as weLL, such as Helium, Argon, Nitrogen or Neon gases.

    1. Sorry Mr ESB there is an old saying 'There is nothing new under the sun' which ironically fits in well with my 4th July post I think you need to Google

      anthropomorphic saxophonist robot

      I have ammended the post to show you what you are up against. At this rate someone will find the Higgs Boson ..... ..... ....... AH .... DAMN