Sunday, 15 July 2012

The Olympic ban on Hamsters with straws, and a Coconut Palm

I dug up some potatoes today as the leaves are wilting a bit. OK yes I hear everyone going WHAT we don’t come here to read you have dug up potatoes and are planning to have them for tea……. Yes I know, the nice Steven Spielberg will not be impressed with gardening but it has been that sort of day, I have to admit I even repotted a Date palm and a Coconut palm. That sounds exotic but they both live in the house. The Date palm is one of the smaller ones with a maximum height of 10 feet as for the Coconut palm  well it might attempt to escape through the roof rather quickly. Coconut palms and British bungalows are slightly non compatible long term and it will not fair well outside in British weather, this according to the dog is because Coconuts are shy ………… HAH HHAHAH hah hahhah hah h hahahh ah hhah ah hh ha hah hah hahh hah hah ha a ah ha…

The palm in its new pot

I have also been cutting down some branches of trees although not the ones near the power line which I have been told really are 11,000 volts. That’s not what the dog told me when he made me cut all those other bits down next to the power lines a while back.

Although the weather has been OK today so far dry and sort of sunny without being too extreme it is Sunday, and as we know sometimes Sundays can suck the brains out of you’re head much like some aliens do or some monsters or hamsters when you are asleep. One of the reasons we don’t have a hamster anymore, after he was found sat on Mrs Jones head with a straw while she was having a little knap. It took the doctors ages to get the straw out of her ear and she says it has ruined her hearing on her left side, I never knew you could hear through your side as well as your ear until then.

I keep seeing Olympic things popping up in odd places at present, however the farmers are happy because in order to avoid copywrite infringements aliens are no longer producing crop circles as they are trying to avoid any bad press after rumours of them sucking the brains out of security trainee’s causing all sort of agro. And it also appears that just in case, the Olympic committee are banning hamsters from the Olympic Stadium, well all except the handful involved in the opening ceremony who will be frisked for straws first…..

I must go the slugs are demanding more beer…. 



  1. I know that I have drank a slug of beer before on a few occassionnss, but that was a slug as a unit of volume. I must soon have coffee and I believe I should shave before going downtown, simply so they wiLL be able to visuaLLy recognize me. I need more concrete for my vineyard. I also need some paperwork in order to pay somethings for someone else. Its complicated. But moist of aLL I need coffee. Hahahaha, "moist" instead of "most" when juxtaposed to a liquid, hehe, haha, hoho. I am sud den ly much much better, now that I am internaLLy tickled.

    1. I am sure state side you may not have the same issues with slugs as we do in the UK... And this year with it being rather wet the little critters are rampant and eating like their life depends on it (which as it happens it does)..

      But us plucky Brits have discovered that a small bowl half filled with a good stout such as Guinness is more than a slug can resist and so they drink and drown in a haze of happiness. A sad but happy (for them) end. My only problem is some are big this year and drink the entire bowl and then get rowdy demanding more or else.....

    2. Glad you were happy at the end of the comment by the way (much like the slugs)

    3. I figured that I should reply to let you know that I am stiLL alive.

      I watched an interesting TED presentation, podcast, on mushrooms that I found fascinating. See: Paul Stamets on 6 Ways Mushrooms Can Save The World.