Friday, 13 July 2012

China, Umbrella's, Politics Football and Syria...

Today is Friday the thirteenth and is traditionally regarded as a day of bad luck in Britain, yet I have been told many times over the years that in China, Friday the thirteenth is a day of good luck. Interestingly I have learnt today that my very good friend Captain Nessman of the High Seas is to go to China for a year on a great adventure in August. Learning of this today makes me think this is a good omen for Captain Nessman and he will sail into a fair wind making his fortune in spices silks and gold. I will give my good friend a word of warning though, never gamble with the Chinese, many a westerner has left poor and destitute thinking they could win big time with one more roll of the dice. I am not sure of the world of cyberspace in China as it can move in mysterious ways; however access to my trusty blog is available across the world as luckily none of the powers that be understand a word of it…… PHEW…….  

I took my snakeskin lucky charm with the shrunken human head attached to it today; just to be on the safe side which as you know from the past has always had consequences and yet has always remained lucky for myself. Like the incident previously when the man painting the school windows who saw my lucky mascot, screamed and fell off the ladder, well it is easy to get a snake with a human head and a politician mixed up.  

After yesterdays non uniform day we decided that we would all take umbrellas to school  then when the 53% of school pupils went to visit the fish and chip shop we could attack the 71% of little old ladies who attacked the pupils dressed as The Blob with our umbrellas. It was difficult to work out which little old ladies represented the 71% so we decided to attack all 100% of the old ladies instead with our umbrellas.   It may seem harsh but these little old ladies need to learn there are repercussions to attacking an innocent monster eating fish and chips in the bus shelter.

It is very wet again, very very wet again as it happens, which is wet. I will go now as it appears the ASDA home delivery man, delivering the groceries has just met my snakes skin lucky charm with the human head and is screaming so he must think it is a politician as well.  


I don’t often do politics but I feel tonight I should after listening to the news. The main story here in the UK is that a footballer called John Terry is an Innocent Man and not a racist as he would swear at everyone with the same viciousness and venom irrespective of race or colour, so that is OK then…. Over the last few years some effort has been made to make football appeal to a greater audience and yet highly paid footballers seem to have what talent they do possess firmly fixed in their balls and not their brain.

I would normally show no interest in such events or mention it here; except the second issue on the news has been Syria and the death of at least two hundred people reputably by the Syrian Army. So Syria slowly continues to be destroyed while the UN bickers over the personal interests of individual countries rather that resolve the problems of one. What has annoyed me in particular and thus this bit of politics in my diary is that all the news programs see the pathetic ranting and swearing of a so called celeb footballer as of more importance that the continued destruction of a country and the death of a large number of ordinary people caught up in a civil war. Maybe someone should tell the people of Syria that their lives are less important that a footballer’s reputation who as far as I can tell appears to think he has done nothing wrong…..      


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    1. Yes sorry I just sometimes do politics when I get annoyed by ego's and greed

  2. snake with a human head = politician....ha ha ha

    As I started reading the second part, I thought you were again being your funny self but this is real serious stuff. Syria is self-destructing but I don't know whether intervention by any other country will solve the problem. Look at Iran... it seems to me that one set of problems has been replaced by another.

    1. I agree about Syria, I think what annoyed me was the priority put on these news stories.

      I do get annoyed by the political chess game played by the so called super powers in resolving matters like Syria, Palestine and so many other counties. In the end the only solution can come from within but sometimes I think I should just take over the whole world and sort it all out myself.

  3. Sorry, that was a typo. I follow Lily too and have left you an award on my post. Come by and get it.

    1. Many thanks for the award I was a little amused that really you wished to give it to Miss Lily (and quite rightly) but she already has awards in abundance. So decided to give it to me when the other 15 blogs said O NO not another award, I know give it that that nutter, no one likes him, it will cheer the man up a bit and its a nice yellow award he needs more sun in his life as he lives in Britain (yes it is rather wet).

      I will respond with a cool brilliant post later, OK not brilliant but amusing, OK not amusing but bitter and twisted. OK not bitter and twisted but boring, Ok not AH......... Yes Boring that is the word.