Tuesday, 29 November 2011

The Stanley Knife and the cat flap. Dirty Harry and the bookcase

Has the Internet speeded up ever so slightly, I don’t know but when I say slightly I mean it (ARE YOU LISTENING BT) I doubt it, GGGgrrrrrrrrrrr and stuff like that. I will continue to inform of their progress on Facebook and my blog so the entire world knows. I have been fitting a cat flat tonight because out in the wilds of the wild it is up to the individual to find their own amusement. And until I can find the things I need I am tinkering at DIY.

Mum says it is useful to be able to do DIY as one day I will annoy someone by never quite getting round to putting that kitchen shelf up. A bit like dad but as he says himself once you start to make life size steam powered dinosaurs and perpetual motion machines there is little enthusiasm for a shelf, unless it is for armadillo shaped objects such as the toaster and the magpie chaser.

As it happens most of the tools are still in boxes in storage in a room in a house in Montgomery so getting the cat flap in the door was not as straight forward as it normally would be and I had to cut a hole in the door with a Stanley knife. Well a Stanley knife and a hammer, and although it sounds a bit brutal it did work quite well.

As with the front door as I have previously mentioned we have two, the same is true of the back door. But the outer back door will definitely require the right tools it is a rather sturdy UPVC thing so a Stanley Knife was never going to work. Still the cats can get through one of the doors, only they refuse to use the cat flap now, typical.

By the way I noticed that one of my facts was wrong the other day, this is not good if I don’t use truth in my diary then it will loose all credibility and be written off as shear fantasy and the work of a nutter (as in Madman not Brazil nuts that Captain Flint the Parrot eats, he is OK by the way and singing pirate songs again at night). Right the fact I got wrong was I said we had five bookcases from IKEA now this is not true as we have six, I am sorry for this error. What with all the rushing about and stuff I kind of lost count; a bit like that Dirty Harry bloke in the film with the bullets (not bookcases).

OK that’s it I off now to jump up and down on the head of a tiger skin rug holding a I hate BT placard. I would post it on Youtube but I can’t because our broadband is very very very slow.  

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