Monday, 14 November 2011

The Extra Terrestrial and the Cats litter trays

The cats had to spend the day on their own; what with school, work, spying, making a large mechanical whined up extra terrestrial and various stuff like that, so it was high risk. Not that they could escape unless they fancied climbing the chimney. But that would have involved cooperation so that was not going to happen. No it was would they use the litter tray. And Phew they did, sort of; I think we need bigger litter trays.

The Ghost Writer says our classic 1970’s bungalow is somewhat out of character after many many many years of rickety creaking houses that are or were full of secret tunnels and haunted vaults with rattling chains.  Although mum would shout IDIOT at the dog when he was down in the vaults rattling the chains and going WOOOOOOoooooooooo and stuff (he didn’t say the word stuff, I mean stuff as in other noises). Anyway the Ghost Writer is still coming to see us and want’s to know when we plan to start growing our own chip butties. I am not sure about that, when do you plant a chip butty plant?

I still can’t find half the things I packed but the one good thing about this is it forces us all to keep unpacking the boxes to find the things we do need. I am finding things I didn’t even know I needed until I found them and then think; OOoooooooooo I might need that, which must have been what I thought when I put it in the box in the first place, I think.

Dad still can’t find the flame thrower, so the postman is safe for the moment and mum has not found the armadillo toaster, so dad is safe for the moment although mum has made a chart and is keeping a record of possible armadillo throwing opportunities as and when the toaster is found.

It also appears there are loads of Squirrels in the wood and someone has been teaching them Tip Toe through the Tulips by Tiny Tim. No one is happy about that

Ooooooo by the way we got a very nice postcard from Mr Jenkins from next door, well ex-next door and it said HA HAH Hah hah hah hah hah ah hah ahh hah hahah hahh hah hahah h hahhah hah ahahahahah ……YOU HAVE GONE …….  HA HA HA HA Hah hah ahh ah hahahh hahah ahah ahah hahh ha ha ha ……………… Mum just said IDIOT

The large mechanical whined up extra terrestrial says GRET YTU UYY WYWYT Y I I II II UGG……. by the way.  


  1. It is best to plant Chip Buttie plants as soon as possible. This is due to the fact when you want to eat one it probably wont be ripe enough, so always make sure one is seeded BEFORE tea time to get the best results.
    I find that they are encouraged to grow if you talk to them and promise to smother them in brown sauce.

    Hope the move is going well - im due to shift my stuff tomorrow. its going to be looooong day!

  2. Brown Sauce, I like that it has been a while since I have had brown sauce Mmmmmmmmmm................