Tuesday, 23 August 2011

UGGGGGH CLOUD and the start of the end of the Summer Holidays

As predicted on Twitter by the Joules Verne Pocket Oracle and Prophecy Machine. The Ghost writer indeed did have to go to Brecon and meet the Very Clever Man who as it turns out apparently runs a Thai restaurant (Thai food not a restaurant in Thailand). The Very Clever Man explained to the Ghost Writer why he has been having problems with IT there.

The Ghost Writer on his way home came and told us all about it and how there was a secret wireless access point in the office above the office and it was called the same thing as the new Wireless access point in the office below the office above. He then told us all about WEP and WPA and IP’s and SUBNET MASKS until we all looked glazed over and said what the hell are you talking about; it is something computer people do all the time talk in gobbledee goo.

It was interesting that the Ghost Writer had to be in Brecon at 11:00am to meet the Very Clever Man because a man from Brecon had to come to our house at 11:00am to survey the house for the Italian people who are buying the house. Not sure if I said but apparently they are not Italian but lived in Italy, well so they say but all the secret passages and hidden rooms are great for hiding mobsters loot in and stuff like that, after all dad has for years, although that is a secret. AH

It appears the man from Brecon who did the survey was very friendly and liked the house which is a good sign

Both myself and Mercedes spent the day waving our arms about in a demented way and running up and down the street pointing at trees and street lights and going UGGGGGH STREET LIGHT and UGGGGGH TREE. To tell the truth there are only so many times anyone can do that so after four of five hours we chased the dog instead, but the dog told the cats we had lots of food so Heavy Harry the Cat and Sooty the Cat then chased us until I gave them dinner (it was their eighth dinner of the day by then, so only three more to go).  Mum says this is typical activity for this point in the holiday and by next week we will be lying on the ground pointing at the sky and going UGGGGGH CLOUD. Funnily that is what both me and Mercedes were planning to do tomorrow so we better not now…………. NOT FAIR.


  1. That is one funky tune, Robby! I pictured you playing the xylophone or drums while listening to it.