Thursday, 18 August 2011

The revolutionary Lemmings of Petrograd, holding the moral high ground

The Ghost Writer is in our kitchen and has turned into a gibbering demented loony again he has been in the other grey office in Brecon and says he has had his mind scrambled by IT and network protocol which started to go right over his head. That sounds really cool to me a bit like The Matrix. But the Ghost Writer said it’s not that exciting.

I have been back in the woods again with the dog and Pirate Pete, the woods are at present in a state of flux (a bit like the Ghost Writers head really). Mercedes has barricaded herself up on the moral high ground with a large selection of animals that are all apposed to the commercial exploitation of their life in the woods by Jim and his film crew. While Jim and an interesting collection of star struck animals that have negotiated deals with Jim and have talking parts have Mercedes and her band of followers surrounded. 

Mercedes said at least while she holds the moral high ground the Lemmings have finally come in rather useful as they are now leaping on the unsuspecting animals below. Although it can be a bit messy when they leap onto the Porcupines, and despite her warning the Lemmings several times she says they are a law onto themselves. Me and the Dog did say this is what happens if you try and hold the moral high ground with a Lemming but Mercedes said we were IDIOTS. Me and the dog think the IDIOTS thing is maybe a gender orientated thing; we have noticed it is predominantly women calling men IDIOTS and of course men are not IDIOTS are they.

One of the elderly Lemmings was telling me and the dog they are proud Russian Lemmings descended from the revolutionary Lemmings of Petrograd and whose triumphal battle of 1918 was celebrated with the renaming of Petrograd in 1924 to Lemmingrad. So they are confident in their victory in the Woods over the forces of cheap commercial wildlife films and he (Bob the Lemming) is hoping one day we will return to the epic eight hour workers revolutionary information movies of early Russia. A bit like the complete opposite of a Bollywood movie, I am not sure Mercedes has entirely thought this through yet even the dog says he might go and watch Jims film instead.   

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