Sunday, 21 August 2011

A quite day of departures by Film People, Pirate People, Hamsters and Spies

It has been a quite day of departures as we approach the last couple of weeks of the School holidays when much will change and yet much will stay the same. who can tell

Today has seen the departure of Jim back to Hollywood everyone waved and said Cheerio and hopes all would go well with the new movie. He has transported his Hamsters to perform in Caesars Palace in Las Vegas, Where Jim thinks their Elvis tap dancing routine will make him millions. I asked Jim about his parents as they never came over but he says they made the mistake of sunbathing by the pool during the Alligators exercise time and although he did all he could to help it was difficult to operate the camera and save them. But the resulting film clips were used to great success to promote the Alligators in Hollywood movie and he says his parents will be on film for ever.        

Miss Fionaski is also flying off on her next mission having had all the evidence and finger prints in her kitchen entirely painted over by one of her agents working under cover (dust covers I think).

Pirate Pete is also away today to sail the seven seas on a new epic adventure with his new sidekick Rusty the Robot Dog who has been made water tight and has been given Buoyancy. Pirate Pete thinks Rusty the Robot Dog will be a good sidekick as he has six legs and all their eight legs are steam powered. Mercedes will be returning to the Great Metropolis soon but her dad Mr Pickup is saying it is tough being a city banker in the city because the masses don’t like city bankers much. He said even the Chauffer shouted at him when he explained to him that his (the Chauffer’s) pension fund was now only worth £1:00 a day due to a slight error by Mr Pickups Investment company. 

........................................................................ A bit Later in time after some food and stuff

I think I have writers block yet again, and it is really not a good time to get it is it. I feel my diary has lost is witty edge and excitement maybe it is just too long. No too long is the wrong description, it is too thick just too many pages although it would be possible to use tiny tiny print if it were not for the fact the Ghost Writer is as blind as a bat even with his glasses on. And if it was printed big enough for him to read it would be 3000 pages long and a book binder’s nightmare.

You don’t get book binders much these days, but then you don’t get books like the oldie world real books with gold embossed lettering on the cover and leather on the side bit. I think as and when or if the book is published I will insist on a properly made limited edition with illuminated (? I think that’s right) letters and illustrations so it looked like an old Victorian diary. That would be very cool indeed.

Another thing that has gone down hill in quality in recent years is light bulbs, mum and dad say in the old days before we had 300 different types of fitting and it was just a big bayonet fitting a light bulb could last a year sometimes longer. These days they sometimes last a month, a week or even less. Even the expensive low energy light bulbs do not seem to last any longer which all of us think rather defeats the object, bearing in mind the extra energy and cost making them and then buying them.

Anyway I am working through the writers block ASAP so with luck I will be OK tomorrow. Sorry for all the rubbish in-between the good bits.   

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  1. We have been having quite a stir about this whole business of light bulbs here in the USA. Oddly, no one seems to be as concerned about petrol and crude oil conversion...go figure?