Saturday, 27 August 2011

The Michael Jackson cover of Tip toe Through the Tulips. Scrap gold and Birthdays

Today I got to go to the recycling skips where we were getting rid of stuff from the cellar like old bars of gold and silver and bronze ingots and stuff and the Ghost Writer threw a load of battered computers in the back of dad’s car to go too. The Men at the recycling got very excited about the gold, silver and bronze and ended up having fisty cuffs and stuff in the middle of the rubbish.

Napoleon Beelzebub who also came along to help and who had some things to recycle said gold has a funny affect on mankind and is a real asset to his recruitment campaign.  Dad did say it’s a funny old world when the devil starts doing his bit by recycling, but Napoleon Beelzebub said we hadn’t seen what he was recycling yet; so he showed us YUK. He showed the men at the recycling then to find out which skip he was meant to use but they all screamed and ran away, as dad said it least it took their minds off fighting over the gold.

Then when we got back from the recycling we found the Ghost writer building a strange hybrid computer in the middle of our living room, its an odd thing because some bits don’t fit in the box and he has done things to it you are not meant to do. He hasn’t switched it on yet and is hoping it will not explode and take out the towns power, he plans to do that later (switch it on not take out the towns power ………….we hope)

It is the Ghost Writers birthday on Monday (29th Aug) and the dog thinks we should wrap all the rubbish in the cellar in gift wrap and give it too him as it would save us several trips to the skips. The Ghost writer likes rubbish so he would like that.  He has the same birthday as that Michael Jackson does, well did, he cant really have birthdays now  (that’s Michael Jackson not the Ghost Writer) but Mr Neapolitan Beelzebub says the that he still likes to sing and leap about and the song BAD goes down really well. OK it did the first 100,134,777 times but most have gone back to listening to Tip toe Through the Tulips and Mr Beelzebub is insisting that Michael learns that for the Christmas concert and if Mr Beelzebub insists than that’s that. Apparently Michaels reaction when he was told was OOOOOOUuuuuuuuuuuuuwwwwwwwwwww, not sure if that spelt right?  

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