Sunday, 21 August 2011

Harry Potter and the Deathly Holdall .......... Part One

I finally sat and watched part one of Harry Potter and the Deadly Holdall and I really don’t want to sound all bitter and twisted because Harry Potter has made loads of money from books and films and I am merely a manuscript from the mind of a mad bloke. But well it was rubbish, what has happened to him, Lighten up Harry for Gods sake. I am almost put off the thought of watching the last one.

Lets face it in terms of plot it is a bit thin …… Man finds necklace, man gets grumpy, man breaks necklace, man has a bit of agro along the way. Baddy acts like baddy through out film while walk on extras are zapped. All in total gloom. As mum says the evil darkness of money, greed and power etc exists in the real world not just fiction and cyberspace and poor old Harry has forgotten that. So his tale has been stretched out to squeeze every last penny out of him. Heavy Harry the Cat and Sooty the Cat have run off now just in case.  Talking of cases what happened to the Deathly Holdall……… Mum just said IDIOT

Fiona Knight                Harry Potter? I would rather watch paint dry, which I did yesterday and not much happens when you do, but a lot happens in The Last Airbender, which is a much better film, as for the Deathly Holdall, it's all packed and includes 10 wooden pegs, which I cannot elaborate upon right now, but will let you know about after my voyage to the lunar landscape....Adios Senor Rob, hasta pronto.

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  1. Yes you are right me, as me is you. I still have not watched the last film yet, I must do it at some point but I think the truth is poor old Harry lost his magic touch as time passed and so despite all the hype he has sort of blown it in the movies (I still think there will be come back, I just dont see how he will be able to resist coming back as a grumpy old bloke at a Hogwarts reunion.

    I will just add, I draw better Strange Beasts than he does . . . no its true seriously better so YA SUCKS BOO. but then I dont actually get paid for it DAMN.