Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Coronal Gaddafi, Charlie Chaplin, Seagulls and the sound of African Drums

It is very late but I have been off playing African drums with friends, so I have not had the opportunity to write my diary until now. I could have written it this morning but at that point I was not sure what was going to happen. Although I was aware that one of my relatives who was passing and arrived at our house was hungry and ate a huge bowl of coco pops.

The African Drumming was well cool as always and although I did not take my amp and guitar I did get to play blues harmonica, I am good at playing blues harmonica. When I first started someone said that blind blues harmonica players are better, and they poked me in the eyes and so I was not able to see what I was doing but it didn’t make me play any better. We might go digital next time and use a fancy looper and stuff to do some modern alternative African drumming so that will be interesting, just in time for the big end (Well book one anyway)

Talking of big ends I see that Libya have almost got Coronal Gaddafi, Napoleon Beelzebub says he is old and well overdue, as he has loads of loyalty points for the lowest part of his cellar with all the nasty bits in.  The dog recons he has left Libya and is hiding in the Lebanon or Syria while dad things he is disguised as Charlie Chaplin in a touring circus, saying no one will suspect him; and his ability at manipulating the public and press will be very beneficial to the circus.

Me and Mercedes did try lying on the ground and going UGGGGGH CLOUD at the clouds today but one of the clouds was very black and as we said UGGGGGH CLOUD at that cloud there was a huge flash of lightning and it started to rain so we ran away, well inside dads workshop. We did think about firing up the Steam Powered Hydraulically Operated Tyrannosaurus but in the end thought we would save that adventure for another day, after all look what happened last time it was fired up.

Finally today the Ghost Writer is happy as the second of his complex IT problems he was struggling to solve, he has now managed to solve due to as he put it, bloody minded stubborn perseverance and watching Seagulls. He says Seagulls are incredibly underestimated and a flock of Seagulls can strip a desktop computer in a skip in seconds and defrag the hard drive in flight. He says you must never leave the windows open if you live near the sea or they will have all the important bits out of your PC before mum can say IDIOT. Funnily enough just then mum said IDIOT

Sorry I am late; I have made it just in time PHEW.



  2. AH yes this is one of those youtube things that I am not allowed to watch because I live in Wales (the UK) they do things like that youtube because someone somewhere has said they will be sued. So I suspect it may be Coronal Gadaffi's first public performance as a clown.......

  3. Sorry Robby, I won't you tube you your tube you cannot tube to you anyway. It was just A Flock of Seagulls running away...It reminded me of your story for the day. I do not imagine Gaddafi has any planned public appearances scheduled, as a clown or otherwise. You could make 2 million dollars if you know where he is...(not sure if Pirate Pete does any mercenary work on the side) Thanks for all of your effeort and good luck with your book!

  4. The book will I feel need a miracle to help it but they sometimes happen. And life can follow many difficult routes before we arrive at where we are meant to be. If we are lucky to get to there. A seagull told me that once out at sea in a storm heading for the shelter of land.