Saturday, 20 August 2011

the carnival in Montgomery, the Chicken and the Spy

I have always worried about repeating myself in my diary but ironically because it has been going for a whole year now (If you are reading the blog then you have missed the first six months) real life is now starting to repeat itself in reality. It is Montgomery Show and carnival today I got to see the carnival but not the show, after last year  they said AAAAuuuuuugggHHHHHHH at the gate and refused to let me in.

It was only a flesh wound and he recovered fine and the bouncy castle was eventually repaired I think. Still the number of floats seems to get fewer each year, these old small town traditions are dying out. And although there is still much interest in the biggest cucumber, the longest carrot and the largest number of potatoes grown in a bucket, sadly I think the days of such things are numbered.

I did take one photo at the carnival but it was not the carnival it was a really cool sixties era Mercedes Benz. Mercedes (my friend from London) of course is named after Mercedes (the car) so she thought it was very cool indeed. But it was not in the carnival parade which was a shame it should have been.

Miss Fionaski the Famous Russian Spy came to see us today she was delivering chocolate chip cookie biscuits for the Ghost Writers birthday on the 29th August, She is away on a mission so had to deliver them today. She was telling us that she had to spend ages looking for three white chickens earlier and one of them has changed into a cockerel after it was subjected to events which apparently must remain secret.   

Jim and the Film crew are packing to return to Hollywood to edit the movie and splice in the hero and an alien trapped on earth, Pirate Pete and Captain Flint the Parrot were shouting Splice the main Brace HAR HAR HAR HARDY HAR ……….. HAR HAR. I think that is sort of the right idea but wrong and as Jim said its all done digitally using computers now. Captain Flint the Parrot threw Brazil nuts at Jim and said You’re just a modern trendy capitalist……….rubbish. Much to the satisfaction of Mercedes (the Girl not the Car) who threw a few extra Brazil nuts when Jim was distracted by Pirate Pete splicing rope together and Abseiling  out through a window onto the top of the film crews truck. He has heard rumour they may have chocolate coated bacon in the van to remind them of home, they are not good with porridge with a pinch of salt first thing in the morning.  

My very good friend Ian the Musical Hat Maker, rock star and all round nice bloke

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