Friday, 5 August 2011

The bungalow and the space shuttle made out of polystyrene cups

Went off to look at another house today, mum and dad say it is very promising and all being well and all the various bits fall into place it will be our new home. It is a bungalow; half made of wood and has a big strangely shaped garden full of fruit and veg (YUK) and trees and a pond and various things of interest. But it is very quirky

Anyway it is a long complex affair selling and buying a house and involves several people who all want loads of money to look at loads of bits of paper and then send you loads of things to sign and then charge you loads more money for sending you the bits of paper to sign. The Joules Verne Pocket Oracle and Prophecy Machine did say yesterday everything was going to OK and it still feels very optimistic about it all.

Unfortunately I have been volunteered by mum to help mum with the invite for the next preview. The dog and Rusty the Robot Dog are waving their paws in the air again and insisting they are unable to fold and cut the invites despite the fact the dog made an origami biplane with a fully function bomb door and flaps and a waving pilot. And a space shuttle made out of polystyrene cups that can orbit the street light and catch passing moths.  Mum said they would only cause trouble so I must help instead, I did say I could cause trouble too but she said I was not allowed…….. NOT FAIR. So I have to go, hopefully Jim and Mercedes will be here tomorrow depending on time and space and the grumpy Ghost Writer being efficient (O DEAR).

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