Friday, 12 August 2011

Big Bills Greasy Fur Ball Cafe, plagiarism and the budgerigar’s big cage.

It has been another full day which has resulted in yet another late diary entry in the diary have you noticed I very often use a word twice when there is no need to use it twice. But this is a distraction from the day. After a busy morning removing loads of rubbish from dads car so he can refill it with different rubbish I spent a while up a ladder trying to cut the top of a big hedge.

It is a very big hedge as it happens about twelve feet high and six feet wide but we have a really clever machine that will cut a hedge that big which dad claimed he invented but I am not sure, as it says made in China on it. And I don’t think any of dads inventions are likely to end up in mass production. Not sure why they call it mass production after all I have never heard of anything being made in large volumes in a church during the morning service except milky instant coffee. YUK

After lunch and other stuff Auntie Karen and Mr Ian the Musical Hat Maker and Famous rock Legend from the late sixties and early seventies came to see us.  Auntie Karen stayed and told us interesting tales of life in Wales and various encounters with the obstacles of life, while Mr Ian went off to tune a piano that was making strange discordant noises near the cricket pitch. I have to admit I am not a fan of cricket so this is why it is seldom ever mentioned. But out of tune piano’s and cricket pitches are an unstable and volatile mix, which is why Mr Ian had to resolve the issue by tuning the piano.

Auntie Karen has a posh new eco car which is very shiny red, she had to buy a new one because Mr Ian accidently dropped the budgerigar’s big cage on the roof of the old car when it was in the garage and it crushed the car. The budgie was not in the cage at the time it had sadly died a few years ago so it was a deceased budgie, bereft of life it had gone off to meet its maker, it was sadly no more… Dead. Mum has just said IDIOT and accused me of plagiarism NOT FAIR after all it was a blue budgie and was from Norway. I think Auntie Karen said it was eaten by a huge Black goldfish but maybe that was something else.

Anyway Auntie Karen and Ian the Musical Hat Maker, famous rock star and all round nice bloke went home and we all went to Big Bills Greasy Fur Ball Café and ate Fish and Mulberry pie with cream (not at the same time by the way, well OK the dog did) then it got dark and then we came home and then I wrote my diary (OK writing my diary). The end (Well not the end just the end of the diary entry only it is not, this is). Mum just said IDIOT again so that messed that end up too so now this is the end PHEW

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