Sunday, 7 August 2011

The Abominable Dr Phibes and the man eating hampsters

Sunday and quite a lot happening in Monty today there was an art exhibition in the church with rather a diverse collection of artwork from local people of various abilities. As mum says it is always difficult to hang art in churches because they don’t have a proper professional hanging system. Then there was an Art exhibition in the Old Bell (a museum not a big bell), and there was an open garden party

Nelson Beelzebub’s Very Strange Victorian Curiosity Shop was open and the tea shop and various other things and it was also sunny.  Me and the dog only managed to get the art exhibition in the church although we got a bit distracted by the church, not in conversation churches don’t speak although having said that I think some people say they do. It is a sort of GOD thing and mum and dad say never do religion or politics or work with animals and so far we have allsorts of animals in the story including robot ones and have discussed politics, accidently. So I better not do religion although it would allow us to include a few thunderbolts in the story and everyone likes big flashes and fireballs and we could have locusts eating all the artwork in the church while an Abominable organ player plays the organ and who might be called The Abominable Dr. Phibes and might look a bit like Vincent Price for some reason. Mum Just said IDIOT.

Jim arrived back in the UK at the local airfield near Welshpool in his private jet and is being driven about in a chauffer driven stretched Rolls Royce with the number plate JIM 1. Unfortunately Jim forgot that in doing that everyone thinks he is Jimmy Savile and is shouting hows about that then aagh aaaaaaugh aaaaaaaghhhaagh at him so although he has only been back a few hours he said the general public are driving him mad. The dog then asked if he meant the guys and gells and fell about laughing on his back for ages, Jim was not very happy he said as a Hollywood child star making megabucks doing animal movies he thought we would all want his autograph.
Jim has also discovered that the hamsters at his house have eaten Mr and Mrs Fairbanks the house sitters from the movie company, which might explain why their movie club was cancelled by a badly written note on the front door with a PS asking for more sunflower seeds to be posted through the letter box. And everyone has been spotting very fat hamsters scurrying about in the gardens lately.

Anyway that’s enough for tonight otherwise you will all get bored and stop reading and drift off to other more interesting things like …………………………. ????????????????????  Surely there cant be anything more interesting …. Mum just said IDIOT again. But have you noticed we are dealing with all the little sub plots as we approach the end of volume one (well those I can remember).

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