Monday, 21 March 2011

Ying and Yang and how to feel nice, sort of ?

IT at school today, well that is very strange bearing in mind my existence in the world of cyberspace although it is in Mid-Wales. So we did DOS, bits, Bytes, Protocols and all sorts of things like that, I have always been told that IT teachers are geeks and I think Mr Gates our IT teacher might well be even if as my friends said he is well rich.

I don’t really like IT and even my ghost writer says he does not like IT and he complains every week when he has to go off into his grey office and stick his head into the back of computers, well it does seem like a stupid thing to do anyway. He says it scrambles his head and he can’t think; that’s explains a lot tonight. I think I will have to set the dog on him or something like that or we will all get trapped by grey office syndrome and that is the last thing we need in the middle of a good book. It’s not like there is nothing to do as there are still pirate ships anchored in the bay and I still have not met a really good alien from a far distant planet or made good use of the Einstein Cube and Joules Verne Pocket Oracle and Prophecy Machine. So yawning and saying its  been a long day is no excuse.   

Anyway it was another very warm and sunny day here; odd how everything goes wrong in one part of the world and then it is really nice in another it must be like Ying and Yang. I always though they were Chinese puppets like Pinky and Perky but they are not, I don’t think so anyway. Anyway the point is if its really rotten in one place it is probable really nice in another, which is OK as long as you are not in the really rotten place because you would then know that somewhere is really nice and that would make you feel even more rotten. And if you do live in the really nice place you will know that as a result somewhere is really rotten so you will then not feel quite so nice anymore. So the conclusion of all this is it never possible to feel really really nice because there is always something to make you feel worse. But once you know you are actually feeling worse than you actually are then that will help you feel better.

I have explained my theory to mum but she said IDIOT but I think it’s a trick to make me feel worse than I am so that’s a cunning trick to see if I feel better than I think I feel ?????????

My head hurts now so I need to go and lie down

One very sad thing that did happen here today is I ate the last fairy cake and what makes it worse is I now know that somewhere in the world someone has loads of fairy cakes

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