Wednesday, 23 March 2011

The X ray, The Mouse, The Cat, The Parrot, The Dog, The Pirate and Me

I had to go for a chest X ray today after all the being not well and coughing and spluttering and lying on the floor of the doctor’s waiting room with my arms and legs pointing in the air. The dog told me to do that he said he always gets into the vet faster when he does that, not that he likes the vet but he would rather spend as little time as possible there.

It didn’t have the same effect with me because I ended up having to go for a chest X ray. I was hoping to take it into school this afternoon to show my friends but I didn’t even get to see it, I asked if I could have a copy but they said no. That seems unfair to me its my chest after all and it seems people are going to see inside it who I don’t even know. I have asked mum to get me a list so I know exactly who is peering inside me.

When I got home from school there was a little wood mouse sitting on the outside window sill of the kitchen, he was eating seed and stuff and looking inside. On the inside was Captain Flint the parrot, Heavy Harry the cat and the dog, Heavy Harry the cat was half asleep and was yawning at the mouse which I’m sure is wrong and Captain Flint the parrot was telling the mouse he was going to make it walk the plank if it tried to pinch his Brazil nuts. The wood mouse kept shouting HELLO HELLO at us and the dog was complaining and muttering about predatory instincts and the breakdown of the natural laws of selection and the basic laws of the survival of the fittest. He was saying has no one heard of Charles Darwin, I tried to ask him who Charles Darwin was but he said IDIOT. Heavy Harry yawned again and went back to sleep and Captain Flint was saying it’s alright for the dog as he is huge and has not got any natural predators. Meanwhile the wood mouse was still shouting HELLO HELLO so the dog chased it round the garden a few time to acclimatize it to nature. Mum told him off but the dog said he was being cruel to be kind. I don’t know what happened to the wood mouse he has gone into hiding now but the dog said that is as it should be, well he said that just as Pirate Pete turned up and asked if anyone had seen his pet wood mouse. We are now looking for Pirate Pete’s pet with a salami and a bar of chocolate, well half a salami as the dog has eaten half of it and half a bar of chocolate, I like chocolate.  I really don’t know why Pirate Pete has called it Flipper?   

After a long hunt Pirate Pete and Flipper his pet wood mouse have been reunited. Pirate Pete bought him on the internet, but luckily Pirate Pete can’t spell moose

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