Thursday, 3 March 2011

Stuff more Stuff and the 30 millions pounds

Well another day in school learning stuff, I do find it very strange because every time I learn loads of stuff all that happens is I find out there is still loads of stuff to learn. And then to make things even worse one of the teachers will say things like mankind still does not know the answer to this yet. I think knowing stuff causes more problems that not knowing
I had a letter in the post this morning from a man called Prince Brian Jones of Nigeria apparently he has found a huge alien space craft in his country palace. He says it is full of money at least 30 million pounds but because he is a prince he is not allowed to handle money because he must remain princely and above the ways of ordinary humans. But luckily he is allowed to transfer the money into the bank accounts of foreigners in particular decedent Westerners with modest sums of money in their bank accounts such as me.
I didn’t know I was a decedent Westerner but I think it could be fun to be in a Western but I don’t have a bank account. I said to dad that if I opened a bank account then Prince Brian Jones would give me at least five million pounds but dad said IDIOT not sure if that is me or Prince Brian Jones. Dad also said that Prince Brian Jones is famous for rolling rocks about, In Nigerian its called rock and roll. However he did say stories of large sums of alien money in Nigerian are an ancient myth and Prince Brian Jones has probably been experimenting with illegal substances again. I did try asking what sort of illegal substances but dad said don’t ask.  You see dad thinks it better not to know stuff sometimes not like the teachers at school
I would like to welcome a new friend Dan who is a very famous bad poet from a world of Bad Poetry. As is always the way with things Dan has arrived to late to hear all the tales about mummified poets but such is life, well unless you’re a mummified poet.
I’m a bit late tonight the ghost writer had to go to that big grey office again today and he is muttering about things
I took a World Atlas to school for World Book Day, so did a lot of my friends then at lunch time we were able to hit one another with them in a re-enactment of the film The War of the World’s (books) But I got a sore head but books can do that.

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  1. Welcoming dan makes no sense here does it but it does on FB