Monday, 28 March 2011

Road surfing and fishing

A very nice lorry today drove all over town with a great big fuel leak which although not his fault does mean the town now smells of diesel not the nicest smell in the world. Anyway the lorry got as far as our house and stopped and spilt even more diesel on the road. Dad did say he could set fire to it all with the flame thrower but diesel is not great at burning.

By the time I got home from school a man had fixed the lorry and everyone had run off and Mr Jenkins had covered the diesel in sand. Pirate Pete said it was just like being back at the beach because all the sand at the beach is polluted with oil and diesel. We did try and find some seaweed to make if look more authentic but we are quite a long way from the sea. Well I suppose we could go via the lake and the pirate ships but that is for another day. The dog did offer to poo in the sand because it is quite common to find dog poo on the beach but everyone thought YUK NO, but we did get some bits of plastic from the recycling bin and a piece of driftwood that looked just a bit like an armadillo plus one of those plastic ball things in a very bright pink. Mum made a couple of jellies the shape of a jellyfish and we put up a sign saying NO SWIMMING DANGEROUS UNDERCURRENTS not sure if that is the right current or not so I have thrown a few raisins in the sand just in case.  

The dog has got a step ladder out and is sat on the top with a life guard shirt on and a pair of the FBI designer sunglasses and Pirate Pete is surfing on the road. He has had to fix roller skates to the surf board and is complaining there are not enough decent rollers to surf on (not sure if he means waves or roller skates).   I tried to paint some of the crows so they looked like seagulls but they would not stay on the beach (sand) and the rest of the crows are laughing at them now so they are not happy, well crows are seldom happy really so that’s OK. Pirate Pete said we could go fishing for Flatties  later if we were lucky we might catch a hedgehog or two. I am not sure I want to catch flat hedgehogs but Pirate Pete said they are great as you don’t need to remove the guts; YUK

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