Friday, 25 March 2011

Pylons and flying pigs

Not very far away there is a protest movement trying to get huge pylons moved out of the Severn valley to another place along with a hub which is like a sub-station with bristly electrodes and stuff on it and big transformers and it will make fizzzz sounds.

When I say sub-station I don’t mean subs like in submarines because we don’t have enough water for them and they don’t really make stations for submarines because all the people waiting would drown or float away. No it’s a national grid substation, and it has to be made because we are having wind farms with windmills on the hills, we will not see them from here which is a bit sad because I like windmills.  The windmills are then connected to the national grid and when it is windy all the kettles will boil water and we will all have cups of tea and cake and dance about and have parties. But when it is not windy there is no power to do anything so we have lemonade and cakes and dance about and have parties in the dark.

I don’t think anyone minds the windmills but no one likes the huge pylons. I did think they could make them in different shapes so a pylon shaped like the Angel of the North and one like a Pelican and one like a Pirate and one like the dog and maybe the Statue of Liberty and so on and so on. It would look really good and instead of everyone saying YUK they would all come to look at them and go WOW its Frankenstein’s Monster WOW. Then we could sell little models of the pylons to the tourists that would light up in the dark and make FIZZZZZZ sounds; WELL COOL.   Anyway having proposed my solution to both the powers that be in the electricity companies and the protest movement they both said IDIOT. That’s seems a bit unfair, I was only trying to help but at least it is a point of mutual agreement as mum put it and might be the catalyst that leads to a final solution and everyone will be happy. The dog  said OOOO LOOK A FLYING PIG and fell about laughing, NOT FAIR I missed it, I tried to ask it in which direction it went but if fell about laughing again.

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