Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Pancakes Rum and Pirate Pete

Pancake day today so we have lots of pancakes, the dog likes them but recons that each one is a bite, well he says half a bite so that would mean he needs at least one hundred to make even a modest meal. The great thing about pancakes is they are flat and thin, well the ones we have on pancake day are and so you can eat as many as you like and will never put on weight because they are flat and thin.

It is (was) a very sunny day, I don’t think anyone should have to go to school on sunny days at this time of year because I know what will happen by the weekend it will be cold and wet again so if I got today off I could go in on the wet days instead. Even the teachers agree with me but the headmaster says we are not allowed to do that NOT FAIR. 

I have eaten loads of pancakes now and so has the dog, he eats them twice as fast as me so he then eats twice as many but he is on his back now in front of the wood burner snoring a lot so I plan to try and sneak off and eat s few more pancakes before he wakes up. Pirate Pete being a pirate didn’t know about Pancake Day; I don’t think he likes them he said he preferred his old sea rations and his super hard crunchy biscuits where he had to bash the weevils out of them before eating them were much better.  He said he could dunk them in his rum and sing sea shanties while making the wimpy landlubbers walk the plank; it’s not the same if you’re eating pancakes with lemon and sugar. Heavy Harry the cat definitely does not like pancakes because he tried to bury his one but them ended up covered in pancake. He then ran off and hid in a tree because the dog said he has never had cat wrapped in pancake before.

Karen Gomm                 I will certainly remember this Pancake Day as I set the fire Alarm off at school cooking pancakes this afternoon. The whole school had to troop out into the playground to be counted! It wouldn't have been so bad but we did the same thing this morning! It was such a lovely sunny day nobody minded that much. Maybe I did it on purpose to get out into the sunshine, nobody will ever know........ he he!

I think you need to come and cook in my school Auntie Karen it’s been ages since someone burnt it down cooking things. The last time it was firework night and the time before I think it was a chemistry experiment. I think pancakes would make very good fire blankets, so you would be able to put the fire out with the same thing that started it, I thought I could do that with petrol once but the fire just got bigger.

Remember when that nice Steven Spielberg makes the block buster movie we will all find out if it was on purpose and the headmaster might shout or ask for your Autograph or both

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