Thursday, 17 March 2011

Paintings, Rock Stars and Knee's

Mum has painted me some curved pictures to hang on the walls of my super posh copper cylindrical garden shed, so when I got back from school I thought I better hang them up. My posh shed office workshop is ideal because it is made of copper so I think it should be a bit safer to be in if I have to stay in it because of you know what.

It was good to have a few of mums pictures because she sells them for millions of pounds, although dad said I really should not go around typing on my diary that I have paintings worth millions of pounds hanging in my shed at the bottom of the garden. He said it will put his insurance premiums up so I will not mention the painting and the fact they are worth millions again or that they are hanging in the shed……..Ah

To totally change the subject I got a phone call from Ian the Musical Hat Maker tonight he sang HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME to me, its not my birthday it is his birthday so he was singing happy birthday to me if that makes sense, I hope so. I don’t often get phone calls from famous rock stars who then sing happy birthday to themselves but it was COOL. He phoned to tell me that last week when I accidently went on the school field trip to the beach (not a field) and we all stopped outside Auntie Karen’s house for fish and chips and no one was in (not the fish and chips shop but Auntie Karen’s), the reason Auntie Karen and Mr Ian were not in was they were knocking at my front door, and no one was in. We both thought it was very odd that we were at each others houses at the same time and no one was in; that is a very big coincidence. Not only were we at each others houses at the same time but there was no one in at the same time too, very strange. Ian the musical hat maker then told me all about his knee’s, he is the very first rock star to ever do that.

Sorry I am a bit late tonight but I had maths homework to do, well sort of, the dogs done it I think. I’m sure it is not meant to be five pages long and involve integers and stuff.

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