Monday, 14 March 2011

Oooo look a seagull

We keep hearing about all the bad news in Japan and the ever growing concerns about the nuclear reactors so I thought; I know I can ask the Joules Verne Pocket Oracle and Prophecy Machine and it said oooo look a seagull in the oak tree; what? Dad said it is changing the subject and then when I asked dad why dad said DON’T ASK.

When I got to School this morning the headmaster said my hair style made me look like Edward Scissorhands and thought I was doing a film re-enactment but I wasn’t. I said it’s cool to look like Edward Scissorhands but I don’t think he agreed and was going to make me do something with it but I asked him about the problems in Japan and the nuclear power stations but he said DON’T ASK. Luckily he forgot about my hair then and said it is good I am showing interest in global news and events. Apparently lots of people in the country backwaters of the world such as Mid-Wales and other places never know what happens in the world, and they’re convinced the world is flat and Birmingham and Chester are right at the edge. And if you ever go to them you will never come back the same and will talk of mad things like large multi-cultural cities with millions of people in speaking in strange dialects with strange customs. And if you ever fall over the edge it is very likely you will never come back. That all seems very silly to me but it might explain why Mr Evans from round the corner says the inter-city train is the work of the devil, well either that or he has eaten their sandwiches.  

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