Saturday, 12 March 2011

Nuclear Disasters,James Bond and pie week

Well after the earthquake and tsunami we appear to have a potential nuclear disaster, well Japan does although such things have the potential to affect everyone. In a good James Bond movie he would save the day and everything would be alright. I told mum and dad that me and my friends could go and do one of our film re-enactments to save everyone; but they both said NO.

I think they are a bit worried I might pick the wrong film like Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, but I’m not that silly. I recon When Worlds Collide or The Cold Hour or The Day The Earth Caught Fire would be good choices but mum said IDIOT so I suggested Apocalypse Now but mum said IDIOT again. Dad said that was the movie where he got the idea to keep a flame thrower handy when the supermarket was busy, although mum always tells him off if he sets fire to the tills and frozen peas because she then has to apologise to the manager AGAIN and dad gets banned AGAIN. 

Mum and dad have said once a proper appeal gets going for the Japanese Disaster they will give some money to it to help, they said that these things can happen anywhere and we would all like others to help if it happened to us. They have added that as we are in Mid-Wales it really is very unlikely to happen here, I think we are more likely to just have loads of floods but we live on a hill so that’s lucky.

Me and the dog have also just discovered that this week was National Pie Week and we didn’t know so tomorrow is the last day; well that is not good. A whole week when we should have been eating pies and we haven’t. And just think how many pies I could have eaten this week if I had known, it would have been hundreds, and I will never get that time back to eat them again. Mum and dad are trying to tell me and the dog we have still eaten loads and it would be the same amount of food even if it was pies or curry or as on Tuesday, pancakes. I could have had pancake pies YUMMY and now I can’t NOT FAIR. The dog is feeling even worse than me; he is called Pythagoras because he loves pies and is very good at maths and he normally knows everything. Dad said maybe he is getting old and loosing the plot but the dog has growled at dad now so dad said he will go and find the a box of pork pies to cheer it up. I wish I could growl like the dog NOT FAIR

The paper manuscript of my diary is being read by my proof reader who is very clever at proof reading because she was a professional proof reader once and knows the secrets of proof reading. And by the time she has read it all I will have written even more which she will end up having to proof read. I asked her to check I don’t keep doing the same things over and over because I forget and well that is what sort of happens in life. So far the one thing I have repeated a few times is the fact I am worrying that I am repeating myself, I have had a think about this but I’m confused now. Mr Jenkins has said I should not worry about repeating things because they have been doing this on television for years. I think the dog is going back to Mr Jenkins watching Crufts again tonight, Mrs Jenkins is making the dog a pie; NOT FAIR (again).

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