Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Heavy Harry does not like curry

I got home to find Heavy Harry the cat wailing and wagging his tail while trying to bury his food. Mum and dad have stuck cotton wool in their ears and are using sign language to communicate; but me and the dog do not understand sign language. The dog said he speaks 73 languages but because he has paws he can’t sign.

The cat has five different foods to eat but it has decided it does not like any of the food we have in the house now. The dog said this is typical cat and they all do this from time to time he recons the best thing to do is turn an ice cold hose on the cat until he eats. I’m not sure that the dog is all that keen on the cat still being about and using a hose on a cat seems a bit extreme even if the dog likes it in the summer. 

Mum is organising an art exhibition soon and has got me helping do the invites for all the people she has to invite, it involves me cutting them in half and trimming the inner bit then folding the inner and outer then sticking it all together. Me and dad are both helping but if we get it slightly wrong mum then takes a spoonful of curry out of the big pot of curry that we are having for supper. So if we get loads wrong we will end up with no supper, dad and me are being very careful not to mess them up because we both like curry and this one came from the local takeaway so is well yummy.  The dog loves curry but is rubbish at folding invites and luckily Heavy Harry is wailing and trying to bury the curry so we recon he wont have any, that’s good.

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