Wednesday, 30 March 2011

The Ghost writer his grey office and Johnny Depp or Lassie

I should have a bit more time tonight it was all a bit of a rush yesterday, my only concern is the ghost writer has been in that grey office again today and you know what it does to their brain so it’s the ghost writer of the living dead again. I am surprised that there are not more living dead wondering about our planet because there are a lot of very grey offices.

I have told the ghost writer he should give up going into grey offices and write a block buster novel; which that very nice Steven Spielberg can turn into a movie like I am, but he says he has thought about that but he now has to spend all his spare time working on mine. He is now complaining he cant remember who is who anymore, well that’s easy I am me and he is him I did say IDIOT but he said it is not a good idea to call ghost writers idiots because it can come back to haunt you, sort of WOOOOOO.

The comments last night have gone to the dogs head now. He said he thinks it’s a good idea to have a fan club and if the book gets published then he wants royalties and he insists that he does all his own stunts in the movie although he thought that Johnny Depp bloke should play his part now poor old Lassie is dead and lassie was a bit of a wimp and rubbish at maths. I have told him that Johnny Depp only has two legs and not four but the dog recons they can add them digitally.

Not sure that much really happened today it was an average day really everything that was meant to happen, happened as it was meant to and things that were not meant to happen did not. This is a bit of a worry really because diaries need to be exciting. Pirate Pete said he could come to school with me tomorrow and chase teachers with his cutlass and throw hungry octapus’s’s’s’s at them but I said it was not a good idea and it might make my diary slightly unrealistic again.

Judith Baker                                   We have a slot for a swimming teacher which might suit Pirate Pete.....and Lassie was a girl. Think dog could be played by Johnny Ball.

Paul Nessman                                   It sounds like you had a deterministic, cause and effect type of day, Robby. My philosophy teacher says that freewill does not exist in that type of a is much more fun to believe in an indeterministic type of existence, which I believe Pirate Pete knows all about.

I think the dog had forgotten about lassie being a girl Mrs Baker Miss, I think he thought it might have had a little trip to the vet. It is very good to see you back Captain Nessman I am going to see if I can get that very nice Steven Spielberg to get Oliver Reed or Jack Nicolson to play your roll in the block buster movie. Unless you have any personal favourite choice in which case I will be happy to put them forward as an option.

Although not every comment makes the final manuscript I am sure you will all be pleased to know that one day everyone will be part of one of the great (I am trying to be modest) diaries of all time; well a bit of time. Many thanks to those who do add quirky little comments in the style of the novel.


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