Friday, 4 March 2011


First thing this morning the power went FIZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ. It is amazing just now dependent we are on electricity and when it goes off so does everything else, well  almost everything else because the Joules Verne Pocket Oracle and Prophecy Machine was just fine and was telling us modern technology is rubbish.

Dad agrees with that as I have said before he hates all the modern cheap plastic stuff loads and says if it was all made well in the first place we would not have to keep replacing it all. Anyway we ended up with an electrician having to come out to fix the main fuse box, dad was not happy about that either because he would have done it but he is not allowed because of the latest regulations and health and safety. Pirate Pete said in the old days he would have sent children up the chimney to fix it but I don’t think Pirate Pete has got the hang of electricity yet and I told him I’m not going up any chimneys for anyone, the dog said nor was he but we all pointed out that he was just too big to go up one anyway. Mum was saying in the past they used to clean the chimneys in the country by tying a cord to the legs of a chicken and dropping it down the chimney, that sounds not very nice but I think I prefer it to sending children up them.

 We ended up talking about the history of money today in school and how it all works with international exchange rates etc. Before money people would use the barter system and would say sell their prized cow for some magic beans like Jack and the beanstalk or maybe do a few hours hard toll for a sack of beans and a chicken (so they could clean their chimney). But in the end it all needed to be standardized with the arrival of a global economy so no one would work for beans now unless they were mad and there are not many of them about now; that’s mad people not beans there are loads of them now which is why no one will work for them anymore unless they are mad.

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