Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Electrical cables the hose and the Knot Fairy

Mum and dad have decided to paint my bedroom so they made me move the bedside table after school. Why is it that electrical cables always get tied into a huge complex knot even when no one has touched them for ages and there is no reason they should be tied up in a huge knot. Dad says exactly the same thing happens to the hose pipe in the garden.

Even the dog said his leads do the same thing on the hook they hang on, the main difference with the dogs leads is that it is the dog who ties them into knots so that we cant use them when he goes for a walk. Anyway the dog is too big and strong for a lead and if he wanted to go somewhere nothing or no one will stop it.  A lead he says makes him look like a wimp.

I spent ages untangling all the electrical cables behind my bedside table although I didn’t swear once (honest) not like dad with the hose pipe each year he swears loads; me and dad think there must be a knot fairy or something like that. Pirate Pete recons there is a knot fairy because he has a knot charm from his days on the old pirate ships, he says a knot charm is very important on a pirate ship because the last thing you want is all the knots to become undone. He did say that they always had the same trouble as dad with the hose pipe though.

Mum and dad are painting rooms in the house to make it less Goth and more Oooo lovely we must buy it, the Italian man from the mafia decided he was not going to buy it, and the man from up north whose car was knobbled by the man from the mafia decided he was not going to buy it. It is strange because we were told Great Great Great Great Great etc Grandad said someone was going to buy our house in January but they didn’t. Someone did say maybe he meant next January but mum hit them with the armadillo toaster and dad was going to spray them with water but he could not untangle the nose in time and then he fell over a pile of dog leads in a big knot on the hall floor.  Not sure I want a pale bedroom even the Nanobot family under the bed say it just wont be the same but they are quite pleased that a huge pile of knotted cables have been removed from there front garden now. They also asked me where all the dust came from but I don’t know that?

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