Saturday, 19 March 2011

Daffodils, Fairy Cakes and walking the plank

Another very sunny warm day and dad and Pirate Pete had another bonfire but Pirate Pete decided he would not walk on the hot embers afterwards because of what happened last time. It is definitely getting very Spring like in the garden now as all the plants are growing and the all the daffodil flowers are starting to open.

I only mention that the daffodil flowers are opening because the dog counts them all and then divides the total time taken from the first one opening to the last one opening by the total number of flower heads. Then he works out the average height of the daffodil plants and using logarithms and the angle of the Sun he can predict things about the weather.  He never tells us what they are, but all through the year he will mumble about anticyclones and point at the odd cloud and say things like AH YES THAT SHOWS I AM RIGHT, I think we will see the leaves falling off the Oak tree in the Autumn again. Mum says the dog is very clever but sometimes he is away with the fairies.

 And talking of fairies it is national fairy cake day today so we have loads of fairy cakes to eat YUM. When I say national fairy cake day I think it is only in our house but that is OK because our house is full of fairy cakes YUM again. Pirate Pete and mum decided to make them once he finished in the garden, it is not really what you would expect a pirate to do but we think it might be a side effect of being on land for a while.  I think it’s great I like fairy cakes loads, Pirate Pete  and mum made some spicy cheese scones too and they are really yummy, although Pirate Pete has said that if his old sea fairing friends were to ever find out he has made fairy cakes they will laugh at him so I must not write about it in my diary or he will make he walk the plank……………..AH.

I was rather hoping mum might save me from walking the plank but she said he did warn me in advance, So I have to walk into the goldfish pond in a few minutes on a plank the dog found, I don’t think the dog should be helping him either NOT FAIR just as well it is a nice day. Even dad said I must make sure I don’t squash any of his prized goldfish, and I can hear Mr Jenkins giggling on the other side of the fence. Luckily once I am dry I am allowed more fairy cakes again YUM.

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