Saturday, 15 May 2021

The erratic nature of my blogging

 I am now a very erratic Blogger the poor old blog is feeling rather neglected. But I remain busy and have been drawing a fair bit in the last 12 months. I have always enjoyed drawing, it is a strange thing as those of you who also draw, paint or do other creative things know. Lurking deep inside us is some sort of force that keeps us doing whatever we do through thick and thin. I have many ideas in my head at present and have stated to draw in a larger pad which for reasons I dont know has meant I am going to draw a little series of pictures with angels in. They are rather dodgy angels. After all I might enjoy drawing but I have never actually said I was any good at it, it's a very personal style and I am not entirely sure the old masters would approve.


  1. I am going to be blogging more ...

    1. Hello Mr ESB . . . I really need to get back into doing more here in the world of cyberspace, but it is tricky at present as there is much to do in the real world. The weather has been good so I have been doing my best to sort the garden. Barbara feels it has got just too overgrown which is probably true although I rather like it like that,Anyway I have said I will sort it so it looks OK at the front. Not that many folk see the font garden due to the long drive. Today I sorted the trailer so it can move and have managed to get it into the back garden where I plan to turn it into a shed at some point. And I also need to get some more drawing done it has always happened in waves since I started drawing many many many years ago.

    2. Hang on I just posted a comment on your blog Mr ESB but it seems to vanish . . . . DAMN

    3. No, your comment didn't vanish. I had turned on comment approval, so when I saw your comment in my e-mail, I approved it and it should be there and I responded to it.

    4. AH OK as you can see this internet thing is a speedy thing indeed only slightly slowed down by some of its users . . . . . Well I say some I may be referring to myself.